Letter to the Editor: Where’s the support?

I am absolutely baffled at the lack of support our school system, as a whole, has for our children. My children have had several occurrences when they have been bullied this year and yet it continues every day for students throughout the entire county.

We hear over and over how Dorchester County has a 0 tolerance policy for bullying, yet my daughters come home with either marks on their body or psychologically damaged from these children – yet nothing is being done. The response I keep getting (when I actually get a return call) is, “We can’t stop this,” “It is not in our budget,” or “We handled it.”

That does not make my kids feel safe because they still worry every day that they have a target on their back for standing for the right thing. It is really sad that my kids have little trust in very few adults in our school system when all of the educators should be there for the benefit of our kids, especially administration.

But instead, I am basically told that this is what it is, like I am just going to accept this. It is time that we think outside of the box and come up with ideas to keep our kids safe.

We, as a community, need to advocate for these kids before it’s too late. When it comes to my children, the children of our community and the future of our world, I will not back down.

I will stand for our kids and fight for the true 0 tolerance policy instead of the smack on the hand these children have been getting for causing irreversible damage to our kids. I will fight until I see results, until my kids and your kids feel safe at school and until these people called administration treat our kids as human beings and not a paycheck.

Katie Warfield

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