Letter to the editor: ‘Treasonous’

To the Editor:

Immediately following Donald Trump’s disgraceful performance during his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin July 16, former CIA Director John Brennan called it “nothing short of treasonous.” Mr. Brennan undoubtedly included Trump’s entire week and previous histories of trashing our allies while embracing Putin and other autocratic dictators. All Congressional Democrats and many Republicans, as well as patriotic Americans, thoroughly condemned his comments, John McCain called them “disgraceful” and a “betrayal of America.”

Treason is the only crime specifically described in our Constitution, Article III Section 3: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Russia under Vladimir Putin is a proven enemy of the United States, according to unanimous conclusions of all of our intelligence agencies and the Justice Department/FBI that they conducted cyber warfare against our democracy, including elections in 2016 and are attempting the same in 2018 and against our energy grids. Their agenda is to destabilize, weaken, and sow discord within our country and the Western alliances of other democratic counties, including NATO which protects all of us against Russian aggression.

Everything Donald Trump has done and said since his campaign has been in full support of Putin and his agenda. He praises him every chance he gets, never challenges him, and sides with him over our own intelligence agencies in denying that Russia interfered in our elections to help him. In full accord with Putin’s wishes, he undermines and attacks our allies, just as he did last week against NATO, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UK Prime Minister, and the European Union he called a “foe” (meaning enemy). He also blasted and insulted Canadian President Justin Trudeau earlier. He refuses to take steps to prevent such attacks in the future.

In other words, Mr. Trump has “adhered to our enemy” — Russia, giving aid and comfort to them in every way imaginable. That makes his actions treason!

The reasons for his betrayal are anyone’s guess now, but the most likely are that he with his narcissistic ego is terrified of admitting even slightly that Russia helped him win the election and therefore raises questions about his legitimacy, and/or Russia has some terribly damning evidence of his misdeeds they threaten to release if he doesn’t do their bidding.

What can we do about this clear and present danger to our country? VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS in November — so Democrats can take back Congress and launch REAL investigations into his crimes and misdeeds. We also await the findings of Robert Mueller’s investigation which will reveal facts and hard evidence for indictments and/or Congressional hearings.

Mike Brown
Neck District, Dorchester County

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