Letter to the Editor: Few or majority?

I am a Navy veteran who sailed and served (like thousands of others) his country honorably. Risking life and limb protecting our nation, its citizens, their freedoms, rights and privileges.
Also, all our flags recognized world-wide, and what they did in the past and presently represented.

The colors: Red for the blood lost for the love of our Country. White for purity. Blue for valor. Plus, freedom for all citizens.

Sadly, I was horrified when informed a leading shoe manufacturer had been swayed, and influenced by a few disgruntled persons to remove a product having one of our flags displayed.

Those persons probably never served in the military, but enjoy all the fruits other men and women fought and died for.

That particular flag was designed by a 19th Century lady patriot, not only for the colors representations, but our original 13 colonies.

It had been approved, accepted, and appreciated not only by our forefathers, but also by past and present diversified elected officials. Both parties and the citizens.

Recently, I heard that particular designed flag had been stolen from a display commemorating our Declaration of Independence that originally occurred July 4, 1776.

For your information, 1776 when totaled is the count for our 21-gun salute and tribute.
Now, because some few troubled persons who rekindled the fire of discontent, and are in opposition to our domestic and their foreign factual history, want our historical flag and what it represented in a positive light, not be acknowledged.

True, it’s a fact, our country’s history is not without faults. Look at all that was done to the Native American Indians. Then and now.
However, we learn from the mistakes made, so not to repeat the same errors in the future.

We also do not punish or restrict for the wrongs of others.

Likewise, when did opinion change, allowing a few to influence and not the majority?

Jack Lewis, Hurlock

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