Letter to the Editor: Dorchester Goes Purple

We are one week into Dorchester Goes Purple and the support has been outstanding so far. If you are still among those that are wondering what all the Purple is about we hope this email will help. If you are already on board, we hope this will give you more ideas on how to increase awareness and start more conversations. Go to www.dorchestergoespurple.org to get more information.

We have joined several other counties on the shore in Going Purple for the month of September to Stand up Against Addiction and in particular the challenges caused by opioids. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of the issue, to provide facts that will help folks better understand how serious the issue has become and to direct those that need support to already well-established programs. (go to I Wish I Knew for more details about the programs on the Shore)
The project is fashioned after Project Purple, the nonprofit organization Chris Herren founded to help break the scar of addiction, bring awareness to how dangerous substance abuse is, and encourage others to navigate life’s challenges by making positive decisions. By showing off your purple you are making a statement that you are aware of the issue and support efforts to get a handle on the problem.

We have a survey that is designed to help us get a better understanding of the level of awareness in the community so that we can better direct our efforts. Please take 5 minutes to complete the quick survey to help guide the program. Here is link to the survey: Dorchester Goes Purple Survey.

On our website you can find a list of actions to take – starting with just having a conversation with friends, family and co-workers. Here is link to the rest of the list:

Purple Actions
In addition to all the purple lights, plants and other decorations you will start to see our messages show up on 8 x 3-foot banners throughout the county. You can get a copy of all the messages from our site: Messages, or you can follow our Facebook page and get the message of the day and other timely updates.

If you have a story to share, please contact us. Listen to WHCP to hear more about the program and to hear stories from folks affected by this epidemic.

We are also open to any suggestions, criticisms or questions. Use the Contact Us button on the website to reach out.

Click one of the links above or go to www.dorchestergoespurple.org to get more information.

Thanks for your support of Dorchester Goes Purple.

Sheriff James W. Phillips Jr.
and Mike Starling, WHCP

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