Letter to the Editor: Colvin is a proven leader

Did you know that Andy Harris has a Master’s degree in Health Science from Johns Hopkins University? That, coupled with his medical degree, ensure that he is well-educated on the health needs of the people that he serves. What is astonishing are the decisions that he makes as a Congressman which refute his educational background in favor of his party loyalty.

He proposed to deregulate the top 5 super greenhouse gases because “it would create jobs.” As a practicing anesthesiologist, he should have a superb understanding of the effect of these gases on the human body. Yet, he determined that “creating jobs” was more important than the air we all breathe.

He has voted against continuing the CHIP program that ensures that most children will be provided with health insurance. He voted to eliminate Medicaid. He has twice voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act which has improved access to health care for thousands of Maryland First Congressional District residents (with NO proposed replacement to the ACA). He voted NO on continuing the Violence Against Women Act, knowing full well that violence against women is a significant public health issue in this country and this District. He has done nothing about the opioid crisis in Cecil County though, he has had 8 years to do so while people die.

He made these votes KNOWING that they were against the best interests of his constituents in Cecil County. He KNOWS better and chooses to make decisions that are counter to his education. As a healthcare professional providing care to women and newborns for the past 40 years, I find this behavior appalling, unethical and immoral.

In light of Andy Harris’ record on health care and public health matters, he must be removed from Congress. He cannot be trusted to make decisions for the good of his constituents when his priority is his corporate donors.

I committed to finding an alternative to Andy Harris and believe I have found that alternative in Jesse Colvin. I find Colvin to be an authentic, proven leader beholden to no special interests. He is a man of honor who listens more than he speaks. He is thoughtful and collaborative in his approach to problems. He has many common sense ideas to work on the problems that Cecil County and the first Congressional District face. He is a veteran of the Afghanistan War, doing 4 tours as an Army Ranger and is dedicated to bringing civility and collaboration back to Congress.

Cecil County can no longer afford #donothingAndy. I urge your readers to consider Jesse Colvin when voting on Nov. 6.

Vicki Krohn, MSN, RN, NE-BC
North East, MD

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