Donald Trump is a racist. What about other Republicans?

Most of us have given up writing letters every time there is a new scandal or atrocity coming from President Trump, because they occur nearly daily. Sunday changed that, at least for me. Trump launched a hateful racist attack on four congresswomen of color who had criticized him, telling them to “go back to the countries they came from” – a comment that has been used against people of color for many decades and is universally judged to be blatantly racist.

It’s meant to portray these people as “other” and not real Americans. In fact, three of the four were born in the United States, and the fourth came here from Somalia and became a naturalized citizen.

For those decent Americans who for some unfathomable reason still hadn’t concluded from Trump’s past comments and actions that he is a racist, his disgusting reprehensible display on Sunday proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump is indeed a racist.

There is no doubt that he will use his racist rants as a key strategy to be re-elected in 2020. Since then, Trump whipped his campaign crowd into a racist frenzy chanting, “Send her back” while he stood there basking in the hateful and dangerous attack on a decent female congresswoman. The president and his crowds have endangered the very lives of these American citizens with their racist attacks on them.

So what is the response from Republicans in Congress, including Rep. Andy Harris? Either silence or denial that those comments were racist, some even blaming the four women and not Trump.

The House just passed last night a resolution condemning Trump’s racist comments. All Democrats voted for it, but only four Republicans (none of them Mr. Harris) could bring themselves to support it, and two of them are retiring anyway.

Republican leaders in Congress blamed the women and tried to make it seem that ALL Democrats are un-American socialists if they don’t agree with Trump on everything. They said Trump’s comments are NOT racist, making us all wonder what in their mind would be a racist comment if Trump’s aren’t.

We all will have to get ready for the onslaught of ugly hateful racist comments coming from Trump and his slavish enabling Republicans between now and election day 2020. He obviously believes there are enough racists or people who are ok with a racist president in our country to get him re-elected.

God save us all! And God Bless America.

Mike Brown
Neck District
Dorchester County

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