Town Square for Sept. 25, 2018

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Editor’s Note: This month, “Dorchester Goes Purple” to raise awareness of opioid abuse, a growing problem here and across the nation. It’s an issue that has provoked strong opinions.

FREE AND COSTLY: Why is Narcan free to a dope addict, but my insulin is $750 a month?

FAMILY AFFAIR: Our grandson is Type 1. It is a family affair with all of us contributing towards his supplies. His parents’ insurance company claims Type 1 is not a life-and-death matter so they don’t cover it 100 percent. High copays on every item. So forgive me if I don’t turn purple with you. We are trying to keep our grandson from turning blue.

WORTH SAVING: I get what you are trying to say. Not everyone has that much support. I believe in Narcan because I believe in Hope and recovery. The issue is with insurance companies and pharmacutical companies. Drug abuse affects every family, sooner or later. Raising awareness by wearing purple or turning on purple lights is a baby step to getting people to talk about the problem, maybe come up with a solution. Narcan saves lives. Who am I to say someones daughter, sister, granddaughter isn’t worth saving?

TAKE A STAND: I believe that the real shame is that the pharmaceutical companies can be held responsible for the ridiculous cost of health care in this country and for contributing to the epidemic of addiction that is killing indiscriminately. The real question is what will we do other than make post on social media and shake our heads? I don’t know how to tackle the issue. Big Pharmaceutical’s lobbies are powerful financially and politically. Where is our David to strike a blow to Goliath? They will continue to get away with it until we finally have enough and take a stand.

EFFORTS: Wish I knew the path to real answers and solutions. Too often seems like our actions and involvement only satisfy our urge to do something, anything. Still our efforts seem to fall powerless in making effective, real, lasting change.

TOLERATED: The purple lights, ribbons, etc. are just the community’s acceptance that the problem will never be fixed, but instead tolerated. I still see drug sales going on in Cambridge. Everyone knows the sellers. Until drug dealers who sell poison to weak, sick people are finally given the death penalty, this old town will remain purple forever. Cancer and diabetes can strike anyone by surprise. Opioid abusers were not taken by “surprise” they were not “born” opioid users.

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