Town Square, Jan. 16, 2019

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In our Jan. 2 edition, we reported on vandalism at the Handsell historical site north of Vienna. Readers responded.

CATCH: It’s sad that people feel they can destroy history by destroying historical sights like this one. Tearing down statues and vandalizing buildings is becoming too commonplace.

PAY THE PRICE: Very sad to hear this. I hope they catch and punish those responsible.

Readers also shared memories of Shoal Creek Manor, in response to a Jan. 2 Banner story.
LOTS OF SOUL: Go over to the Hyatt property. Across the creek there is more information about the farm adjacent to it and a cemetery of patients that passed away while at the State Hospital. You will need to get permission to get access, because you have to go on the golf cart pathway but it is well worth it. It’s beautiful and oozes with historical soul.

TORN DOWN: Razed so a wastewater treatment plant could be built. How freak’n sad.

STINKY STADIUM: I remember the Shoal Creek Manor and the baseball field (“Stinky Stadium”) next to it from when I was a kid. We spent many fun times there. Also, my father lived in the Shoal Creek Manor when he was a kid. He told me many stories of it.

STRANGE ENERGY: When we moved in across from the sewage plant in 1972, it was all a memory, but five years ago I did find a quartz arrowhead on the shore. When living there, Mr. Johnson had a garden inside the gate of the plant. He would find old coins, etc. I dreamt of a chest of valuable coins when I lived there many times. I can stand you on the exact spot where it resided, at least in my dreams. The whole area had a strange energy. I go back to the area often to reconnect with my youth.

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