Education is key to the future of our community

As summer draws to a close, it is time for the future of our County to head back to school. The fact you can read this article and have the desire to do so is an indication you have one or more educators to thank. Teachers deserve a great deal of our thanks and even […]

Team Selection, Training and Management are key to an organization’s success

It will seem obvious to most that untrained and unsupervised staffers can wreak havoc on your organization. However, you would be surprised at the number of organizations that do nothing to address the problem. Many choose to blame the community where they operate for an untrained workforce and take little responsibility to improve what they […]

Chamber Networking: There is always more to learn because you will never know everything

We all know a few folks that believe they know everything already but learning is truly a lifelong activity. From the moment of birth until the day you die there is always something that can be learned. Depending on where you are along the curve of life drives the type and degree of learning but […]

Dorchester Chamber of Commerce: Voting Matters

We are fresh off of the 2016 Maryland Primary Elections and we are now heading into local elections. Your vote in each Election process is important and a single vote does matter. Many local and state elections have been decided by fewer than 100 votes (some fewer than 10) in recent elections. Gaining knowledge as […]