Meals til Monday honors volunteers

VIENNA — There are hundreds of children in Dorchester County who can’t be sure where their next meal is coming from over the weekends, when they don’t eat in school. Or maybe we should put that in the past tense, because while they might not have known in the past, now they can count on […]

Meals til Monday gets donation of freezer

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan Activists celebrated the donation of a freezer to Vienna Elementary School (VES) on Feb. 26. The freezer will be used by MidShore Meals til Monday (MTM) to help volunteers feed hungry children. From the left are MTM Director Leslie Bishop, donor Cory Pitrone, Lowe’s Store Manager Rick O’Neal, VES Reading and Math Coach Dr. Ruthanna Lucas and VES Guidance Counselor Jacqueline Hunteman.

VIENNA — Hungry children and their families can thank Cory Pitrone for his donation of a freezer to MidShore Meals til Monday. The appliance is already in use at Vienna Elementary School, where MTM volunteers do much of their work, helping to feed 350 local youngsters. Mr. Pitrone works at Lowe’s in Salisbury. His employer […]

Dictionaries delivered to county 3rd graders

The Rotary Club of Cambridge recently completed its annual “Dictionary Project,” delivering dictionaries to approximately 400 Dorchester County 3rd graders. The program, which began under the leadership of Roger Harrell, Club president in 2003-2004, has run continuously for 16 years. During those years, close to 6,500 dictionaries have been presented to students, some whom do […]

Dorchester kindergarteners show gains

CAMBRIDGE — Dorchester County children entering kindergarten in the fall of 2017 showed the largest percentage-point increase in school readiness over the previous year of any Maryland jurisdiction, according to data made public by the Maryland State Department of Education. Results from Maryland’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) released recently showed that 44 percent of the […]