Vikings’ team is 2nd at State Championship

Submitted to Dorchester Banner/Zoe Phillips
C-SD’s bocce team at the state championships this year was, from the left, Dylan Wrigley, Summer Reid, Sean Raickle, Zoe Phillips, Keyano Dugars and Jackson Bradley.

CHESTERTOWN — On April 30, the bocce team of Cambridge-South Dorchester High School competed in the state tournament at Washington College. Bocce is a Special Olympics sport that appears to be growing on the students here in Dorchester County.

As of this year, the coaches and teachers at C-SD have encouraged more students to get involved, and it has made an impact. A few new players joined the team this spring, and everyone on the team qualified for the state competition.

The team had enough players this year to be divided into two groups, which each played multiple teams at Washington College. One group took home seventh-place ribbons, and the other took home second-place medals.

However, it was very clear that the entire team played with great skill and sportsmanship. Though the weather was quite warm, every student gave it their all. The students there seemed to play from their hearts, and it was truly amazing to watch.

For many students on C-SD’s bocce team, this tournament was the last one of their high school careers. Winning the district competition had been a nice surprise, but having the opportunity to play at the college brought the season to a satisfying end.

Keyano Dugars, a player for many years, spoke on this subject after receiving a silver medal. “This was my last year to play, and I’m glad we won second place.”

The veteran players have left behind a legacy that the newest players may find hard to beat in the future, but they will surely rise to the challenge. With the emphasis placed on the game this year, they can expect more team members to join next spring.

Their coach, Mr. Daniel Catron, has been very supportive of their team according to many students. “I couldn’t have asked for a better coach,” said one student. “He makes it so much more fun for everyone on the team.”

“Big thanks to all the kids for giving it their all in the blistering heat,” Mr. Catron said in a statement online. “Special shout out to Hannah Harp and Jarrett Ashton for being team leaders. We really missed not having Coach Jake Coleman with us today, who had to stay back at school to proctor state testing.”

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