Vikings fall to Woodbridge Raiders, 49-20

Submitted to Dorchester Banner/EMAR Vikings defender Dario Belizaire, 21, converged on Woodbridge High School wide receiver Jamon Kane, who scored three of the Raiders’ touchdowns in their 49-20 victory.

Submitted to Dorchester Banner/EMAR
Vikings defender Dario Belizaire, 21, converged on Woodbridge High School wide receiver Jamon Kane, who scored three of the Raiders’ touchdowns in their 49-20 victory.

BRIDGEVILLE, Del. – The Cambridge-South Dorchester High School (1A) Vikings evened their record at 1-1 on Friday, with a 49-20 loss to the Woodbridge High School Raiders. The game followed the previous week’s nail-biter, in which the Vikes held on at home to beat Queen Anne’s County, 23-22.

The game in Bridgeville didn’t offer the same uncertainty – the closest C-SD came was 14-7 in the second quarter, with the ball on the Raiders’ 12-yard line. That drive did not yield a score, and it was all Raiders after that.

The Vikings’ game against North Caroline High School, originally scheduled for Friday, has been moved to today, Wednesday, to avoid bad weather forecast for later this week. Game time today is 6:30 p.m.

The victory gave Woodbridge Head Coach Ed Manlove his 100th victory with the team. The Raiders won the Delaware State Championship two years ago.
“Woodbridge is a well coached, strong team that out-played and out-coached us,” Vikings Head Coach Gaven Parker said. “They have Division 1 talent on both sides of the ball.”

The Delaware boys’ size and speed were hard for the visitors to match. Several times, the Raiders’ scoring drives were only one or two plays – once a ball carrier was in the open field, it was off to the races.

The first quarter ended with the score 21-7. The second quarter saw the Raiders’ offense scoring three more touchdowns, and their defense becoming even more effective, as the the Vikings had trouble getting the ball past the line of scrimmage.

That made it 42-7 as the first half ended, meaning that there would be a running clock as soon as the second half began, with one team being ahead by at least 35 points. The result was a fast third quarter, and another Vikings score.

Both teams’s coaches played many of their backups in the second half. The change in personnel gave the Vikings a chance to put more points on the board, narrowing the deficit.

A final touchdown in the fourth period with a missed kick gave the Vikings their 20 points, and the Raiders tacked on another touchdown of their own.
Ri’chard Stubbs, Malik Ennals and Jyquan Farrare each scored touchdowns for the Vikings. Drew Warfield was 2 for 3 in PATs.

Offensive stats
Passing – Jyquan Farrare, 3 of 10, 0 yards, 1 interception; John Henry, 0 for 2
Rushing – Ri’chard Stubbs, 6 for 49; Camren Lake, 7 for 40; Malik Ennals, 6 for 33
Receiving – Tranell Clanton, 1 for 0; Malik Ennals, 1 for -6; Dario Belizaire, 1 for 6
Team total yards – 173
Defensive stats
Tackles – Hykeem Cropper, 2 solo, 2 assists; Dillon Meekins, 1 solo, 3 assists; Malik Ennals, 5 assists
Sacks – Malik Ennals, .5; Noah Presley, .5
Fumble recovery – Malik Ennals, Tyler Stewart, Jeremy Taylor and Hykeem Cropper each 1; Darrien Gabriel and Khalik Beasley each caused a fumble.
Special Teams
Punts – Malik Ennals, 6 for 147
Kickoff returns – Khalik Beasley, 2 for 38; Dario Belizaire, 2 for 27; Jay’Zon Roberts, 1 for 9; Logan Middleton, 1 for 5

Offensive stats
Passing – Troy Haynes, 3 for 3, 139 yards, 3 touchdowns
Rushing – Jamon Kane, 5 for 141; Richard Massey, 5 for 51; Jaden Bacon, 2 for 28
Receiving – Tyrez Cannon, 1 for 61, Jamon Kane, 1 for 39; Gabe Wescott, 1 for 39; each was for a touchdown
Team total yards – 375
Defensive and special teams statistics for Woodbridge were not available at press time.

“North Caroline is another well coached, strong team,” Coach Parker said. “We knew starting this season with Queen Anne’s, Woodbridge and North Caroline would be a tough three-game stretch. But we are taking it one week at a time, focusing on the task at hand. We though we are a 1A school, we judge ourselves and hold ourselves to the 2A/3A standard. We expect to compete with schools larger than us.”

The Bulldogs are undefeated after their first two games, having beaten Wicomico 35-8 in their season opener, and Parkside last week, 20-0. That’s 55 points scored by the Bulldogs in two games, against only 8 they’ve given up. “Obviously, we have our work cut out for us versus a very good North Caroline this week,” Coach Parker said.

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