Tri-City volunteers save season

HURLOCK — Children will once again enjoy a spring tradition in North Dorchester next year, as Tri-City Little League’s season will take place. Volunteers heard a call for help, and came to the rescue at an Oct. 29 meeting of the Tri-City Board.

A message from organizers earlier in October had said the 2020 tee-ball, baseball and softball season might not happen, because of a lack of volunteers. It said in part, “For the past several years, we have been asking for volunteers to step up and get involved with the league with very few people willing to do so. The number of Board members have decreased the past four, with the remaining members having to devote an extraordinary amount of time to ensure the league operates properly…We ask that you get involved and help keep this league going.”

Folks responded and offered their time, earning the relief and gratitude of many.

In the evening of Oct. 29, after the meeting, the board released a statement saying, “The 2020 Tri-City Little League will go on as scheduled, due to all the great people who stepped up and saved our league.”

2020 Tri-City Little League board members are:
President ‑ Dave Bailey
VP baseball – Steve Lieske
VP softball – Shelli Blake
VP instructional – B.J. Pressley
Treasure – Clark Harrison
Secretary – Michelle Sann
Player agent – Heather Powell
Information – Kim Warrell
Concession manager – Tammy Strickland
Fundraising – Earl Murphy
Safety – Clarence Thomas
Umpire in Chief – Bob Powell
Uniform – R.J. Helmer
Field maintenance – Tyler Cannon
Equipment manager – Bill Boyle
Member at large – Matt Beletsky
Member at large – Chuckie Cummings
Member at large – Chris Powell

Eva Bartrum heard the news and said, “Thank you to everyone for volunteering to support our youth. It takes a village to raise a family. God love you all.”

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