ND’s old eagle still flies

Submitted to Dorchester Banner/Chris Hauge
The North Dorchester eagle, which for years was at center court of the old school, has been placed on the gym wall at the new North Dorchester High School.

SHILOH — The new North Dorchester High School opened this fall, with all sorts of modern features never seen in the old building. But there was one item that had to be brought along — the ND Eagle will soar over athletic contests for years to come, after it was saved from the old high school and placed on the wall of the new school’s gym.

Dorchester County Director of Facilities and Operations Chris Hauge worked for years on the planning and construction of the new school. In a post on social media, Mr. Hauge shared his pleasure at seeing the eagle during a recent visit to the gym.

“You may recall, as a matter of respect, we tried to save, move and remount the original, 65-year-old Center Court prior to the demolition of the original, ‘Old School’ gymnasium. This hopeful task was delegated to the DCPS Project Management and Maintenance Teams (with a wish and prayer), under the directions and guidance of Sam Slacum and Patrick Murphy. Lindsey Hill and the WT/Aledek craftsmen handled the heavy lift. DW Masonry grouted the masonry cells to accept the bending moment load of over 2,000 pounds.”

Mr. Hauge continued, “Finally and most importantly, DCPS Maintenance Foreman/Master Carpenter Reg Thomas and his group took Humpty Dumpty apart and put him back together again. It is hung in the new Nest in the place of honor and in respect of those who came before us, upon it. Like say, Coach Dave Monroe or thousands of others.”

“Looks nice,” Michael Henry replied. “So glad a piece of history could be saved for future generations to see. Thanks to you and your team.”

Mr. Hauge praised the maintenance team at the county’s public schools, for the work they do with no desire for recognition. Now, he wrote, the eagle that looks over the gym will continue to inspire players and fans, as well as fulfilling another task.

“It is meant to be yet another way to connect the past, present and future of the North Dorchester community,” he wrote.

“This is awesome, Chris,” Betsy Jones wrote. “Congratulations to all involved who made this happen. I’m proud to be an Eagle!”