Bunde wants video team in DoCo

CAMBRIDGE — Word of Dorchester County, its beauty, history and thriving sports scene could soon reach a new audience.

Submitted to Dorchester Banner/Karah Bunde
Local triathlete Karah Bunde is arranging a visit to Dorchester by videographers Buttery Bros. Ms. Bunde is seen here in the center, with two fellow competitors at a CrossFit competition.

Local athlete and fitness enthusiast Karah Bunde has contacted videographers the Buttery Bros and asked them to document preparations for an Ironman race in the county. With the Bros having more than 67,000 followers on their YouTube channel, that fitness-focused audience would learn of the opportunities and activities the area offers.

That’s where local folks come in. Residents are asked to use #ButteryBrostoCambridgeMD on Instagram, to help spread the word.

“They travel the world documenting athletes, locations and events,” Ms. Bunde said. “My pitch to them is to video the story of an athlete competing in Ironman MD 2019 in Cambridge in the end of September, while also enjoying a few other activities and meals around town while they are here. The intent of the video would be to help spread the word about our quaint little Eastern Shore town and our wonderful businesses in order to help promote tourism and continued local economic growth.”

The answer? “They replied to the pitch that they are interested in the idea,” Ms. Bunde wrote in an email to the Banner.

The team is composed of Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers, who write, film, and produce the videos. In addition to their fans on YouTube, “They also have a large following on Instagram, — @butterybros 66,100, @hebercannon 71,900 and @marzmedia 84,400,” Ms. Bunde said.

She has a meeting set for today to continue discussing with the Buttery Bros the possibility of their coming to Cambridge for Ironman MD 2019.

“If you believe that having the Buttery Bros produce a vlog episode based in Cambridge, MD would be valuable, please share an Instagram post showing who we are and what we do. Use your personal and business account. Use the hashtag #ButteryBrostoCambridgeMD,” a prepared statement from Ms. Bunde said. “Even easier is to also edit and add the hashtag to posts you’ve already made that show what you love about Cambridge.”

“Share this with your friends, family and fellow local business owners. The more people and businesses we can get to show some love to the idea on Instagram, the more persuasive our argument to get them here becomes,” the statement said. “If you’d be interested in sponsoring the video, or part of it, please let me know. All of the details of the financials still need to be figured out and I’m just a girl trying to get a video crew to Cambridge for some high-volume exposure.”

Ms. Bunde can be reached at kstcyr@gmail.com.

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