Guest opinion: Address to C-SD Class of 2020

Hello, and thank you Talayasia [Young, Senior Class President], that was incredibly kind, and you should be proud that you are the President of the amazing, dare I say it legendary, Cambridge-South Dorchester class of 2020.My name is John Handley. I am only here because Oprah had a last minute booking for the Tonight Show […]

Guest opinion: There is no 911 for Law Enforcement

When I started in Law Enforcement back in the late 1980’s we carried a .38 caliber, six-shot revolver and a total of 18 rounds of ammo. We did not have Tasers, we carried Mace, not pepper spray and we had a wooden night stick and one pair of handcuffs. Our radio only had a few […]

Letter to the Editor: Mail-in voting is the most secure

As we look forward to our Cambridge city election on Oct. 17, we have some unusual conditions for which we must prepare. For example, we do not know how COVID-19 is going to hit Cambridge in the fall. All scientists and medical professionals are telling us that our country will most likely be inundated with […]

Mailed ballots: Voter fraud and mismanagement

I am posting a response to [Cambridge City Commissioner] Steve Rideout’s (Ward 1) inaccurate post concerning our up-coming city election. Normally, I don’t waste energy on his deliberate misguiding of our community, but elections are too important. First and foremost the ability to have a ballot mailed to you is great. It is also awesome […]

Commissioner Rideout: Election maneuvering has begun; Choose those who unify

City Council elections will be coming up soon; and already we can see that the politics and election maneuvering are starting. Commissioner Hanson and I are not seeking reelection. The other current members of City Council have expressed their interest in running again and there is talk of other people planning to run for office, […]

General Election: It won’t be ‘As normal as possible’

Disregarding advice presented by local and national election experts. Ignoring voting rights advocates. Flouting the recommendations of health care professionals and the Centers for Disease Control. Reversing the trajectory established through new laws making it easier for Marylanders to vote. Placing an unrealistic and unachievable burden on our 24 local boards of elections. Increasing the […]

Letters to the editor

A Call for Mutual RespectIn response to recent reports of social violence and civil unrest throught our nation, we of the Pine Street Committee, managers of the Octavene H. Saunders Empowerment Center in Cambridge, make this statement. We strongly stand against destructive social disorder, mindless injustice and unwise racism of any kind. Such actions are […]

Letters to the Editor

Equity in Dorchester’s public schoolsIn the early fall we feared the spread of COVID-19, a deadly disease for which there is no vaccine. It began as an enemy to humans then became more invasive to United States citizens beginning in January 2020.To survive and protect the health and safety of our community and those around […]

Black lives, all lives

As we were marching down Washington Street in Cambridge during the Black Lives Matter march to Spring Valley laston June 7, an angry, young, white woman leaped onto her front porch and screamed at us, “All lives matter, all lives matter, all lives matter.”“What do you say to that?” the woman walking next to me […]

Choosing faith rather than fear

By Faye MeyerWhat’s that ringing? I must have slept longer than usual, for the alarm never goes off. Up way before that happens.The dream — let me get my head straight before I get up. The dream now haunts my waking thoughts. I must get up and will peruse the dream later.I turn on the […]

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