Letters to the Editor

City looks for citizens’ views With Odie Wheeler retiring in December, the city manager is in the process of developing his plan for reorganizing the city staff that he will bring to City Council for approval. In the meantime, citizens come to our meetings and let us know where we need to improve. I am […]

Taxes proposed to pay for Kirwan’s education reforms

Maryland legislators are proposing significant new taxes to pay for the Kirwan Commission’s education reform recommendations. Delegates and senators are mulling a new digital advertising tax (SB 2/HB 695) and an expansion of the sales tax to include professional services (HB 1628). Where does that leave Marylanders? Maryland citizens will be left footing the bill […]

County Council writes to oppose new gun restrictions

Dear Senator Eckardt and Delegates Adams, Mautz and Sample-Hughes: I am writing on behalf of the Dorchester County Council to express its support of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and to seek your assistance to preserve citizens rights under this amendment. The Second Amendment states that, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary […]

Read the entire Second Amendment

Those who support the second amendment state that it simply reads, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Supporters never seem to add that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia’s assenting opinion states specifically that there is room in […]

Letter: Council urges local delegation to oppose gun restrictions

EDITOR’S NOTE: Members of the Dorchester County Council decided unanimously Feb. 18 to oppose new restrictions on gun ownership and use under consideration in the state legislature. The following letter was sent to the local delegation on Feb. 20, and released for publication. Dear Senator Eckardt and Delegates Adams, Mautz and Sample-Hughes: I am writing […]

Letter to the Editor: The importance of local journalists

To the Editor: A friend in Cambridge recently emailed the Banner article, “Sheriff’s request for interrogation room denied, 3-2; Space goes to EMS for breakroom,” from the Jan. 22 edition, written by Editor Dave Ryan. I was taken aback by the level of thorough reporting of Mr. Ryan, which required a follow-up with the county […]

Letter to the Editor: What would Jesus do?

In his recent letter, [“Why I will not vote Democrat,” Dorchester Banner, Jan. 22] Bill Patchett gave his religious-based reasons why he will not vote for Democrats, and asked us to state what we think Jesus would do. He selectively chose seven passages from throughout the Bible to make his argument. The first thing I […]

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 22, 2020: Why I will not vote Democrat

I read an article in a local newspaper on Dec. 29 by Steven Roberts, who writes columns, entitled “How Would Jesus Vote?” The Christians who read the article must look at that question very seriously and the platforms of the Republican and Democrat parties to see how they line up with God’s Word. Here are […]

Letter to the Editor: Vikings are athletes and gentlemen

I recently attended a wrestling tournament at Easton High School, where our Cambridge-South Dorchester High team competed with more than a dozen other high schools from around the state. From what I could see, the Vikings did pretty well on the mat, but I was even more impressed with the way the team represented our […]

We need real solutions!

Letter to the editor: Some children are disciplined at home and the parents don’t have a problem disciplining them at school. Some are abused, some have other forms of trauma or untreated/mistreated mental health disorder. It’s not all on the parents and the children. Children deserve the same respect that adults do period. Don’t talk […]