Remembering Dorchester, March 13, 2019

Jay McCarter posted this photo of the corner of Dorchester Avenue, Roslyn Avenue and LeCompte Street on Cambridge Maryland Memories facebook. Comments included: Melvin Stanbrough: “Direction facing looking towards St Paul’s? The shop on corner not in good shape.” Matt Outten: “Jay wouldn’t Alverda’s (Birdie’s) house be behind you if you were standing looking at that sign? I miss Cambridge!” Donnie Travers Fitzhugh: “OMG you are bringing back memories now !! I would walk home with the group and we would all cross Sunburst Highway to East Cambridge !! Wow thanks for the memories.”❤Mary Yates Hillyer Slacum: “Yup! I remember.”

From the pages of the Banner 50 years ago Centralizing admission and establishing racial quotas are included in proposals on how best to desegregate Maryland’s six-college system in the wake of the federal government’s warning that about $29 million in education funds might be cut off. Student-faculty committees at each of the six previously segregated […]

USNA Midshipman to visit Chicone Village

The United States Naval Academy’s Native American Heritage Club (NAHC) will visit Handsell, a National Register Historic Site in early spring for an overnight camping trip at the Chicone Village.

VIENNA – The United States Naval Academy’s Native American Heritage Club (NAHC) will visit Handsell, a National Register Historic Site in early spring for an overnight camping trip at the Chicone Village. USNA’s NAHC is open to all Midshipmen, regardless of ethnicity. In addition to creating a supportive community for Native American Midshipmen, the club […]

Rev. Dr. Moore – Reflection on the dreamer

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan The Rev. Dr. John G. Moore Sr. of Delaware gave a fascinating presentation, including re-enactments of Dr. King’s most famous speeches.

CAMBRIDGE – When he was just a boy growing up in Delaware, the Rev. John Moore was an admirer of Dr. Martin Luther King. That’s when he began to memorize and share with others the speeches and dreams of Dr. King. Today Martin Luther King, the martyred Civil Rights hero has a chapter or two […]

Archaeologist to present findings from Bayly house excavation

Local historian Herschel Johnson talks to Dr. Julie Schablitsky during the first excavation of the Bayly House cabin last summer.

CAMBRIDGE – Dr. Julie Schablitsky, the archaeologist who led the excavation at the historic Bayly House in Cambridge this past fall will discuss the team’s findings in a public presentation at 7 p.m. on March 28 at the Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge. Historic research shows that a cabin behind the Bayly house […]

Remembering Dorchester, Feb. 13, 2019

Jay McCarter’ posted this photo in Cambridge Maryland Memories of the Academy Street Service Station. Wilma Jean Pete: “Walter bloom had it for awhile.” Christina Brault: “My mom’s dad had the station where Overflow is —this is not there, it is where April Goodman’s store is across the street. They tore the pictures building down and built a garage like there is now in the 60s. Both buildings - Overflow and this one - looked similar with the pillars and all. Busy area because of shipping at end of street. Could support 2 stations in the same intersection back then. How times have changed!” Teri Jones Handley: “I worked there when my Uncle Walt Bloom had it in the late 70’s aka Walt’s Garage.”

From the pages of the Banner 50 years ago Miss Marjorie Davenport, Miss Outdoors of 1968, and Otto Cheesman, chairman of the 24th Annual Cambridge Outdoor Show, returned to Cambridge late yesterday afternoon after a three-day visit to the Louisiana State Fur Festival in Cameron Parish, La. Miss Davenport of Princess Anne and Mr. Cheesman […]

Remembering Dorchester

Ron Willis posted this photo of Mrs. Ryda Collin’s 1954 kindergarten class on‎Cambridge Maryland Memories - Anyone elso go to Mrs Ryda’s class? Susan Beach Tull: “Second row— John Thomas, Susan Thompson, Jimmy Pink, Kathy Hubbard, Gibbs Dean, unknown, unknown. Front row: Janis Smulowitz, unknown, Billy Alexander, Jeannie Wright, Alayne Todd, Susan Beach, unknown, unknown, Billy Sessnor (not sure of the spelling).” Ron Willis: “6th from right 2nd row was Charles Thompson.” Steve Long, Class of ‘67: “I was in the Tacoma, Wash. area then.” Rick Hester: “Rick Hester, Jane Currier 1st row, 2nd from right.” Ron Willis: “Ok, we got most of the classmates. So who are the two police officers? I think the officer on the left was Chris Kinnamon’s father but not sure.”

From the pages of the Banner 50 years ago A reader asked the Banner: “I have been reading the tales about “Green Briar Swamp.” Are they true or false? The Banner answered: The author of the book, Brice Stump, says, “Having spent months investigating the various tales that compose the legend of Green Briar Swamp, […]

Lost at sea: 80 years after the tragic Bay accident

submitted to dorchester banner/george wheatley jr. The sole survivor of a powerful winter storm on Feb. 3, 1939, George Wheatley was pulled from the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay after hurricane force winds tore through the Oyster Fleet and capsized three skipjacks. The then 18-year-old deckhand was born in 1930 and passed away in 2009 after a life on the water.

Ahh, sailing under blue skies with the hint of a breeze – just enough to fill the sails and scoot over the Bay to a secluded cove for the weekend. Calm waters with no hint of wind driven, white capped waves. Oh, maybe a brief shower and 15 knot winds would be exciting for a […]

Remembering Dorchester, Jan. 23, 2019

From the pages of the Banner 50 years ago A slum landlord in Cambridge who pays $30 or $35 a year in city property taxes can collect that much in rent each week by dividing his house into three substandard units. The landlord who raises his rent $4 a week to take care of improvements […]

Remembering Dorchester, Jan. 9, 2019

50 years ago Plans for a new Cambridge Public Library building were discussed last night at a meeting of the library directors. Arthur Kamens, president of the directors, asked for a report from F. Hamilton Whipple who is serving as chairman of a New Building Committee. Mr. Whipple told the board he and his committee […]

Handsell historic site is attacked by vandals

VIENNA – Vandals have attacked a local historical site, using firearms to damage displays. A statement from the Nanticoke Historical Preservation Alliance, operators of the Handsell historic site, said on Sunday, “Recent incidents at Handsell involve shooting at the building and longhouse exhibits, including damage to a newly installed window. Persons responsible are subject to […]