Suicide Bridge Restaurant keeps getting bigger

SECRETARY — When Dave Nickerson decided to open a small restaurant on Cabin Creek near Secretary, in 1983, he was looking for a venue to feature prepared dishes of the local fish, crabs and oysters that his company, Cambridge-based Kool Ice & Seafood Company, sold over the counter. He saw the potential for realizing his […]

Food trucks are hot topic

HURLOCK — The challenge of licensing and regulating food trucks in town continued to be a hot button issue at the Hurlock Council’s July 23 meeting. The problem is designing regulations to control a potential influx of food trucks. Questions remain: How many food sources can a town of 2,100 support? If the trucks are […]

Postcards mailed for Tax Credit Awareness

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) is urging Marylanders to consider whether they may be eligible to receive a homeowners’ or renters’ property tax credit and to submit an application before the Sept. 1 deadline. As part of this awareness campaign, last week SDAT mailed 77,544 postcards to low-income Maryland […]

Comptroller comments on tax deadbeats

CAMBRIDGE — Comptroller Peter Franchot recently announced the names of the top 25 businesses and 20 individuals collectively owing $12.7 million in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest to the State of Maryland. The Comptroller’s Office publishes the top scofflaws on the agency’s website in a public attempt to get those on the list to pay […]

Bay Country Shop’s heart committed to the Chesapeake

CAMBRIDGE — Cross the threshold into Bay Country Shop, and you are immersed immediately in the warm and inviting surroundings of a unique boutique that genuinely reflects the heart of Dorchester County — both in obvious and inspired ways. “We were the first ‘Bay Country’ shop on the Delmarva Peninsula,” said Co-owner Connie Tubman. “This […]

Cabin Fever Play Centre is open

CAMBRIDGE — Sometimes, kids just need to cut loose. Now they can, in a place built just for that. Cabin Fever Play Centre is open at 442 Race St., offering active fun for little ones. Owners Richard and Jess LaPerch are the parents of three children. Knowing what families need and recognizing an opportunity, they […]

Hoopers Island business gets fiber optics

FISHING CREEK – Business communications took a big step forward here on Thursday, when the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the arrival on Hoopers Island of fiber-optic broadband Internet. “This is to the 21st century what steel was to the 19th,” Johnny Shockley said. “The whole island is open for […]

Artificial reef is set off Tilghman Island

TILGHMAN ISLAND — The Coastal Conservation Association Maryland (CCA Maryland) added 170 concrete reef balls to a new artificial oyster reef off Tilghman Island over the past month, doubling the size of the reef. The statewide angler organization is building the reef as part of its efforts to improve the Bay for the benefit of […]

Celebrate Dorchester highlights local cuisine

CAMBRIDGE — The ninth annual Celebrate Dorchester food and restaurant celebration and competition was held at Governors Hall on June 5. Featuring ingredients sourced from local vendors and farmers, 13 local restaurants participated with a variety of seafood and “landfood” dishes designed to delight the attendees, who were also the “People’s Choice” judges in the […]

Medical cannabis business boosts Cambridge economy

CAMBRIDGE — In 2014, the State of Maryland passed legislation to legalize medical cannabis and create the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). MMCC is responsible for licensing new companies that wish to grow, process, and/or dispense medical cannabis. Medical cannabis has helped many people suffering from cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, insomnia, and anxiety, and […]