Youths charged in robbery

HURLOCK – Four teenaged youths have been charged in connection with the armed robbery and beating of a delivery driver. One of the teens has been charged as an adult.

A report from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said that on Aug. 29, deputies responded to the Mission Hill area near Hurlock for an alleged armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver. The deputies were assisted by officers from the Hurlock Police Department and the Maryland State Police.

Police were told that the driver had been sent to Mission Hill to make the delivery. When he arrived, he was approached by four males, one of whom had a revolver.

The driver was struck several times in the face and was ordered to surrender all his money and valuables. The four took the driver’s cash, cell phone and his driver’s license.

Through a combined investigation, the four suspects were identified as juveniles: one 14-year-old from Hurlock; one 15-year-old from Hurlock; one 15-year-old from Seaford, Delaware; and the 16-year-old from Hurlock, who was charged as an adult.

Charles Jakai Mitchell of 112 Miles Circle, Hurlock, was charged with robbery, armed robbery, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. He was ordered held without bond.

The juveniles were charged with the same offenses and referred to Juvenile Services. The victim did not require medical attention.

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