Tolley turns 16, joins family tradition

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Marcus Tolley, 14 in this photo, recently turned 16 and is now old enough to take firefighting classes and respond to emergencies.

NECK DISTRICT — A young man took a big step recently in his journey of public service. Marcus Tolley turned 16 on July 16, and is now old enough to respond to emergencies and take Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute classes.

“I’ve always been interested in firefighting,” Marcus said on Thursday. Well, he gets it honest, as they say — his father Brian Tolley is with the Hurlock Volunteer Fire Company, and his stepfather Brian Holliday is a captain with Neck District.

Marcus is a rising junior at Cambridge-South Dorchester High School. He joined the fire company when he was 14 and has been attending monthly training and helping wherever he can.

Capt. Holliday’s son Colton is also training around the firehouse, and is nearly 16 himself. “I’m very proud of both of these boys,” he said, adding that not only are they learning to be firefighters, but they are also in the Boy Scouts and are working toward their Eagle merit badges.

The Neck District takes junior members as young as 14, to start “building a bench,” as Capt. Holliday said. “We can always use young men, strong backs.”

It’s something that runs in the family. “We went to the firehouse to hang out with our dads,” Capt. Holliday said, and now the next generation is doing the same.

The Neck District VFC is at 954 Cook Point Road. For information on volunteering or donating, call 410-228-2434.

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