Student arrested after NDHS threat

SHILOH — Dorchester County Public Schools (DCPS) and the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a threat against North Dorchester High School. A statement from DCPS said the Sheriff’s Office was notified and took the suspect into custody.

“Once the Sheriff’s Office has completed the investigation, DCPS will follow procedures according to the Code of Conduct and Maryland state law,” the statement said. “Your child’s and our staff’s safety is our number-one concern.”

On Sunday shortly before midnight, the Sheriff’s Office was advised of a Snapchat message that had been received by a student at North Dorchester High School in regard to a possible threat being made to carry out a shooting at the school on Monday morning. The Sheriff’s Office was able to identify the suspect as a 16-year-old male student at the school, a statement from the Sheriff’s Office said Monday afternoon.

Deputies proceeded to his residence, where he was taken into custody. A search of the residence revealed no weapons.

“The suspect is very uncooperative with investigators and has been arrested and charged with threat of mass violence and disturbing school activities,” the statement said. “He is currently awaiting action by the Juvenile Authorities. The Sheriff’s Office is working very closely with the principal at the school and with Board of Education staff to maintain control of the situation. The investigation is continuing and additional charges are possible.”

The Hurlock Police Department released a statement, saying, “Over the weekend threatening posts were made public via Snapchat by a juvenile. The posts contained images of firearms and threatening messages which included “@ND” (North Dorchester). There is no threat at this time.”