Sheriff updates on NDHS threat

SHILOH — The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office issued an update Tuesday evening regarding the ongoing investigation related to threats made over the weekend against North Dorchester High School. A 16-year-old juvenile male was arrested early Monday morning and charged with making threats of mass violence and disturbing school activities.

The full statement said, “Following the possible threat at North Dorchester High School, there has been information circulating via social media of a possible ‘list’ made by the student involved as well as firearms possibly hidden on school grounds. In response, the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office has exhausted all leads pertaining to this information.

“At 3:15 p.m. on Feb. 11, The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office conducted a thorough search of North Dorchester High School, North Dorchester Middle School, and the Dorchester County Technology Center. The search was conducted with the assistance of the Maryland State Police, Cambridge Police Department, and Dorchester County Public School staff.

“No firearms were recovered as a result of the search and no ‘list’ has been verified by anyone who can say they’ve seen it. If you have any further information or hear anything pertaining to firearms in this matter, please notify the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office at 410-228-4141.”