Neck District VFC asks to use boat ramps

Submitted photo/NDVFC
The Neck District Volunteer Fire Company needs ramps to respond quickly with its rescue boat.

NECK DISTRICT — Having a rescue boat is one thing. Using the best way possible to serve neighbors in need requires some cooperation.
“As summer approaches and we prepare for boating season. The call volume for our Rescue Boat is increasing more each year,” a statement from the Neck District Volunteer Fire Company said last week. “Here’s where you come in.”

“We are desperately searching for community members the have private boat ramps that are willing to allow us to use them during emergency situations,” the statement said. “We are very limited with the known ramps that we can access within the large area that we cover, from the Little Choptank, the Chesapeake Bay and Big Choptank River. In this response area we have Ragged Point Marina, Horns Point, and Great Marsh in Cambridge.”

Brian Holliday is one of the leaders of the NDVFC.
“The calls are increasing all the time,” he said. “We had three just last week.”
With no direct access to the Big Choptank, the company’s rescue boat has to take a roundabout route at times. “Seconds count during an emergency and the more access we have the faster we can get to the location of the emergency,” the statement said. “If you have a private ramp and are willing to allow us to use it during an emergency, please contact us.”

“If we could find a couple of access points on the Choptank, it would help us greatly,” Mr. Holliday said.
Chad Haden responded to an appeal on social media, saying, “My family has a boat ramp at the end of Seabreeze Road that you can use any time needed. I know it’s directly across Brooks Creek from Ragged Marina, but it’s there if ever needed. We’re a family of first responders.”

To contact the company, send a message on their Facebook page, email, or call 410-228-2434 to leave a message.