Jail praised for wellness program

CAMBRIDGE — The Dorchester County Detention Center has received national and local recognition for its wellness program. In an environment that can often have high levels of stress, mental and emotional health are issues requiring attention.

“I would like to commend Dorchester County Department of Corrections and their Director Joseph Hughes for a job well done,” County Council Member Lenny Pfeffer (District 4) wrote in a statement online. “Director Hughes and his staff have put a wellness program in place for both the correctional officers and the inmates.

This program is designed to help his officers and those individuals housed at the facility deal with stress, anger and many other issues. This program has been such a success and is being copied around the nation. This month the American Jail Association has published an article discussing the program and how it has helped all those involved. Thank you for the great work you and all your staff do each and every day.”

Dir. Hughes replied, “This was done along with the support and help of the Dorchester County Health Department, especially Sue Radcliffe, Mindy Black-Kelly, Lavonnia Aubrey and again the correctional officers. Dorchester County has very committed employees wanting to help others. Thanks for the recognition.”

Among the many friends offering congratulations, Troi Lynn said, “Joey Hughes, fantastic job!”