Federalsburg, Preston get fully staffed crews

Submitted to the Dorchester Banner The Caroline County Department of Emergency Services has increased its capacity for care in the southern part of the county.

Submitted to the Dorchester Banner
The Caroline County Department of Emergency Services has increased its capacity for care in the southern part of the county.

FEDERALSBURG – The citizens of southern Caroline County can be confident that if they need help, it’s closer than ever.

“The Caroline County Department of Emergency Services (CCDES) has officially expanded service as of Jan. 1,” a statement from the agency said. “We are proud to announce that Station 11 in Federalsburg will be staffed at full capacity going forward. This expansion is a part of our ongoing effort to provide high-quality emergency services and improve availability for the residents of Federalsburg, Preston and the broader South County area.”

The move will also relieve units in Dorchester and Talbot counties with the need to assist in responses. Caroline ran “split units” for many years, serving Federalsburg and Preston – emergency medical technicians would be in one station, while paramedics would be in the other.
That made more sense when the system was designed, with far fewer calls coming in. But times change, and so do the number of calls, up to 1,200-1,400 a year.

“With call volume increasing and the need for resources growing, it’s only fitting that both stations be fully staffed with crews 24 hours a day,” a statement from the Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company said. “The citizens of both towns will now hopefully see faster response times and overall better care. We assist CCDES in many ways and we are proud that our citizens of Federalsburg will benefit from these changes for years to come.”

Officials say response times in southern Caroline County have been between two and 15 minutes, and the change could cut those in half.
The move brings to five the number of fully staffed stations in the county. It received many expressions of support from citizens.

Bill Gilmore wrote online, “Fantastic news for the county, and congratulations to all the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving others in emergencies. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your service and be safe. Remember, everyone comes home, and we keep you in our thoughts and prayers for 2019.”

Karen Robinson wrote, “Awesome! I rest easier knowing my family, friends and the community will get the best emergency assistance possible.”

So many good wishes did not go unnoticed. Caroline County Department of Emergency Services said, “Our sincerest thanks to all who have shared and supported the news of our service expansion this week.”

The CCDEC recognized the “Inaugural Crews,” that is, the first personnel on Paramedic 11 out of the University Avenue Station and Paramedic 12 from Preston Station. They were:
Paramedic 11 – Paramedic Emma North, EMT Troy Tilghman
Paramedic 12 – Paramedic Sydney Collignon, EMT Elmo Peek

Federalsburg VFC
In related news, the Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company congratulated its 2019 officers. They are:
Fire Line Officers
Chief (115) – Steve Cox
Asst. Chief (116) – Shawn Johnson
Asst. Chief (117) – Britten Robbins
Asst. Chief (118) – Eddie Coulbourn
Captain (119) – Joe Holland
Captain (120) – Corey Beebe
Captain (121) – Justin Conaway
Lieutenant (122) – CT Planner

EMS Captain – Dawn Ramey
EMS Treasurer – Cathy Toomey

Administrative Office:
President – Doug Ramey
1st Vice President – Ken Trader
2nd Vice Pres. – Dana Edgell
Secretary – Susie Trader
Treasurer – Craig Ruf
Storekeeper – Jerry Thomas

“We congratulate these men and woman and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming year,” a statement from the fire company said.
Ray Parsons wrote, “Thanks for serving our community with all your heart and hands.”

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