Council, sheriff resolve interrogation room issue

CAMBRIDGE — The Dorchester County Council announced Tuesday evening that a resolution had been reached in an issue involving an interrogation room. Council members voted unanimously to fund renovation of two rooms to provide the sheriff with space needed for interviews and storage.

At the board’s Jan. 25 meeting, Sheriff James W. Phillips Jr. had sent a request to use space in the building shared by his office the county’s Emergency Medical Service.

That request was denied in a 3-2 vote, as members Jay Newcomb, William Nichols and Libby Nagel decided the space should be used as a break room for EMS staff. Members Ricky Travers and Lenny Pfeffer were opposed to the move.

The sheriff had written that the space currently used to interview suspects was unsuitable. Excess noise was ruining recordings, he said, making them useless for court.

Discussions continued, however. “I have met with the sheriff,” Mr. Newcomb said, as he announced that $15,000 will be taken from the county’s contingency fund to renovate a room in the Detention Center for the use of the Sheriff’s Office. Another room from the jail will be turned over to the sheriff to store evidence.

The EMS crew will still get their break room, as well. A space in their area will be set up for dispatchers to step away from their consoles to refresh themselves.