BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threat evacuates Mace’s Lane – All safe

Mace's Lane Middle School was evacuated Thursday afternoon, in response to a false bomb threat.

Mace’s Lane Middle School was evacuated Thursday afternoon, in response to a false bomb threat.

CAMBRIDGE – The children knew it wasn’t a drill when they got outside.

Administrators at Mace’s Lane Middle School had received a tip around noon Thursday from a member of the public that “someone had posted on Facebook that there was a bomb,” Acting Director of Student Services Dr. James Bell said. He was speaking in the lobby of the school, where parents were lining up as they waited to pick up their children early.

Dr. Bell said there were no injuries in the incident, and no arrests had been made as of about 2 p.m. Thursday.

An announcement from Dorchester County Public Schools said about 1 p.m., “The police have been contacted and the school is being evacuated as a precautionary measure. DCPS is collaborating with the local authorities to ensure the safety of everyone.”

Students were told about 12:20 p.m. that they had to evacuate, and that they would go to the field by the old Mace’s Lane school. As they exited the building and didn’t head towards Choptank Elementary, where they usually go when there’s a drill, the students began to wonder if something more was happening.

The energy and silliness one would expect from middle school students continued for about half an hour, until teachers gathered their classes about them and informed the youngsters of the bomb threat.

Students became very serious and quiet, they reported later. Some cried in fear, and others began calling their parents to come get them.

Police conducted a sweep of the building to check for danger. Nothing was found, so classes resumed.

Alertness was still the order of the day. “Remember, if you see something, say something,” the schools’ statement said. “A┬áspecial thank you to our local authorities for the work they do in keeping everyone safe.”

To contact the Cambridge Police Department with information on this incident, call 410-228-3333.
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