BREAKING NEWS: 11-year-old student arrested after attack

SHILOH – An 11-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday at North Dorchester Middle School. A report from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said the student allegedly stabbed a teacher in the neck with a pencil.

The school resource deputy assigned to North Dorchester High School responded to the neighboring school for a reported student out of control.

“Upon arrival, it was learned than an 11-year-old male student had become agitated and when a teacher attempted to calm him down, he stabbed the teacher in the neck with a pencil,” the report said. “The teacher and another staff person were able to get the pencil away and restrain the student until the deputy arrived.”

Sheriff James Phillips said later Wednesday morning, “The teacher refused treatment at the scene, then went to the emergency room.” Sheriff Phillips also said the teacher was not seriously injured.

Word of the incident provoked strong opinions on social media.

“What is wrong with these young children?” Nancy Farrell wrote. “It’s very sad.”

“I pray for this child,” Roland Broadfoot wrote. “This 11-year-old is at our mercy.”

“Kids today are out of control,” Eddie Simmons wrote.

“Poor child could have a medical condition that caused him to act out,” Linda Pressman said. “Very sad.”

Nancy Stebbing wrote, “Nowadays, these kids know they can get away with acting out.”

The student has been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and disorderly conduct. He is awaiting action by juvenile authorities.

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