‘The Chronicles of Adam’ opens Oct. 11

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Dontavius Williams performs at the Harriet Tubman Visitors Center State Park Pavilion on Oct. 11 and will be at the Handsell Historic Site in Vienna on Oct. 12.

CHURCH CREEK — The second weekend in October, Dorchester will be treated to a very special first-person living history presentation with “The Chronicles of Adam,” an interpretation of a slave by the name of Adam. Although based on a real person, this story is comprised of various accounts, historical facts, and life lessons for viewers of any age to enjoy. The narrative was written by Dontavius Williams of South Carolina to foster a connection between the audience and those enslaved in the 1800s. This spiritual masterpiece will feature powerful storytelling.

The Chronicles of Adam “Preview Event” will be presented on Oct. 11 at 3 p.m. at the Harriet Tubman Visitors Center State Park Pavilion, Church Creek. The next day, Oct. 12, Adam will be greeting visitors all day at Handsell Historic Site, 4837 Indiantown Road, Vienna, during its annual Nanticoke River Jamboree, with special presentations at 11 a.m. and again at 2 p.m.

The Jamboree is the Mid-Shore’s largest living history event with 32 participating performers and craftspeople. The event is co-sponsored by the Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance, the Harriet Tubman Visitors Center State Park and the National Park Service. Information can be found at www.nanticokeriverjamboree.com.

Dontavius Williams is a historical interpreter who travels across various states teaching people about America’s history involving slavery. Don works as a special needs educator at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, SC, but also works part time as a server for Sonny’s BBQ in Rock Hill. He has a passion for teaching and utilizes his interpersonal skills from his jobs to communicate his historical knowledge to everyone he is around.

Don has always felt a strong connection with history, specifically the hardships faced by African-American slaves before the American Civil War. This interest sparked an idea in Don and led him to create The Chronicles of Adam in order to enlighten others about their own history.

When Don travels to different cities, he takes on the persona of Adam, a slave from the time period, and displays the lifestyle of slaves for both small and large events. Don has been a part of several large events since the creation of The Chronicles of Adam in 2014.

His lessons include cooking styles, fun pastimes, and the living conditions which people like Adam would have experienced in their lifetimes. Though Adam is based on a real person, the overall teachings Don gives are from a combined history of male and female slaves from the Civil War era.

Don strives to give an overall message of positivism and the opportunity to learn from American history, bringing awareness to the taboo topic in today’s society.

Don constantly finds new opportunities to travel and teach his message, as in 2017 when he joined the “Slave Dwelling Project” (www.slavedwellingproject.org) at Dorchester’s own Handsell Historic Site. He enjoys participating in group and individual events for the opportunities it gives him to learn more about history.

Whether by visiting historic landmarks, participating in public speeches, or giving personal lessons to small groups, Don puts himself on display for others to learn from him.

Don has attracted the attention of various news sites, being written about for his work with The Slave Dwelling Project and in articles in the Charleston Chronicle. Twisted Preservation also held an interview with Don where he voiced his opinions and insights on their website along with several other interpreters and professionals in the field of slavery.

As recently as 2017, Don was written about in an article by West Of entitled “Through Their Eyes” as they described his approach to teaching history as “living history.” Don was also mentioned in Kristen Gallas’ book Interpreting Slavery at Museums and Historic Sites.

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