Remembering Dorchester, March 27, 2019

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100 years ago
In reply to the challenge from Messrs. Patterson and Watkins, of Bucktown, to the Vienna fox hunters, under date of March 19th, we wish to say that the article which appeared in the Record of March 17th, concerning the chase in Indiantown of March 7th, was not written by us, nor was it dictated, but was written by the Record correspondent of Vienna. His information was brought about from the talk of the people who were on the same chase.

Now, we, as hunters, had nothing to do with the article, therefore, we had no idea that it would lead up to a challenge such as came from Messrs. Patterson and Watkins, but we have often noticed that when there was something more favorable said, for the other fellow’s dogs, than theirs, it always seemed to arouse a spark of jealousy in the hearts of the Bucktown hunters. Now they say they emphatically deny that the Vienna dogs won the chase on the 7th inst.

We wonder if they think their dogs did, when on more than one occasion, their dogs were more than a half mile behind the Vienna dogs, and for some time before the finish, their dogs were out of the race entirely, notwithstanding the fact that one of their pack was supposed to be the crack dog of Wicomico County. These are facts, and can be proven.

Now, as to the challenge for another race, we most gracefully accept it, if drawn under the right principles. We are not desirous of entering the gambling game, as our hunting is for sport only, but to please our good Bucktown friends, we will cover any amount they desire to put up, with the understanding that the winner will donate the whole to the Red Cross or the Y.M.C.A., and we must have five neutral men to act as judges for the race, and each side to abide by their decision.

We are willing to appoint one judge and you to name one, and let the two name three more. As to the place, the race should be held in the upper part of Dorchester County, as in the wet swamps of the lower sections, the fox cannot live long enough before our dogs to give every dog a fair test.

The date of the run we will set later. We are only waiting now for information as to where your money is deposited. Advise us as once, and we will cover same, and if said amount is not enough, you may double us as often as you like. We are ready.

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