Remembering Dorchester, June 26, 2019

Submitted to the Dorchester Banner/Shelby Clendaniel
This is a new series offered by the Dorchester Banner. The sketches are by Shelby Clendaniel and depict a spot somewhere in Dorchester County. If you know where and what the picture is submit your answers by email to or to These sketches will appear weekly in the Dorchester Banner on Page 13. Last week’s sketch was of Meredith’s Store. For those interested in these sketches contact Maiden in Maryland on Poplar Street in Cambridge.

From the pages of the Banner

50 years ago
Meeting the people of the United States and in school is the most memorable part of the year now ending for foreign exchange student Elfi Bauer. She will be leaving her American family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harper of Secretary tomorrow.
Elfi has many memories that she will take back with her to her hometown of St. Peter Freienstein, Austria that she will not be able to pack in her large trunk. One of the memories is her surprise when she arrived in Secretary.

She said, “I live in a small town of about 3,000 population. I thought it was a very small town, until I came to Secretary.”

Disappointing to the North Dorchester High School honor student when she came here was the lack of cattle farms and cowboys. She said, “The movies made me believe that there would be cattle farms in Secretary and that I should have met some cowboys.”

She believes the students at home learn more than the students here. In her country, she said, “Education is taken more seriously. You have to learn more because the schools are more difficult.”

Here in this country, Elfi kept faithful to her religion. She never missed mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Secretary.

The girl from Austria may never forget American people and the and the people of Dorchester won’t forget her, either. She has left her mark.

100 years ago
• The matter of a change in schedule of the afternoon train out of Cambridge has been discussed, it being learned that by changing the leaving time to about half-past two instead of three o’clock, as at present, much better connections can be made for both passenger and express traffic, the passenger connection being such as to enable outgoing passengers to connect with an express train instead of traveling on an accommodation train, thereby shortening the time between Cambridge and Wilmington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York from one to two hours, and holding out an inducement to many people to come to Cambridge from these places who do not do so on account of the unfortunate service out of Cambridge.

• The Rev. L.G. Murphy of Seattle, Washington, made an address upon the emigration question, presenting the subject in a very able manner, and yet so plainly that all who have followed the matter of the Asiatic question within recent years, especially the California trouble, were able to follow closely the lines of his argument. The Rev. Murphy is a brother of Judge J. Holliday and Mr. Thomas H. Murphy, of Drawbridge, and is East at this time to appear before the Committee on Emigration at Washington next week.

• A number of new matters have been discussed, among them being the question of admitting women in business to membership in the Board of Trade. After a short discussion, a motion to admit such ladies was adopted.

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