Remembering Dorchester, Feb. 13, 2019

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50 years ago
Miss Marjorie Davenport, Miss Outdoors of 1968, and Otto Cheesman, chairman of the 24th Annual Cambridge Outdoor Show, returned to Cambridge late yesterday afternoon after a three-day visit to the Louisiana State Fur Festival in Cameron Parish, La. Miss Davenport of Princess Anne and Mr. Cheesman traveled to Louisiana as guests of the annual show, which is similar to the Outdoor Show.

Mr. Cheesman announced on his return to Cambridge that the officials of the Louisiana Fur Festival said they would send five representatives to the Cambridge Outdoor Show.

Those making the trip to Cambridge will include Robert La Lande, winner of the Louisiana muskrat skinning contest with a time of one minutes, 14 seconds for five muskrats; and A.J. Miller, the first runner-up in the contest with a time of one minutes, 18 seconds, who will also visit Cambridge to compete in the world muskrat skinning championship.

Last year’s winner of the junior trap setting event at the Outdoor Show, Fletcher Wade Miller, will also return to Cambridge to defend his title. Miss Cameron Parish of 1969, Miss Sherry Cheramie, will also come to Cambridge representing the Fur Festival. She will be escorted by her mother.

Miss Nancy Nunez, who visited the Cambridge Outdoor Show in 1957 as the representative of the Louisiana beauty pageant is also making plans to return to Cambridge for the annual show.

100 years ago
Since it became known that there were several cases of small pox in Cambridge, all sorts of rumors have been started, many of them so ridiculous as to be amusing; other of such an alarming nature as to make one think the whole place was filled with cases. The facts, obtained after a very careful and painstaking investigation, are as follows:

There are at the present time, in Cambridge, eight white and two colored families with small pox. In only two families are there more than one case.
The fact that in the white families the disease existed some time before discovered makes it possible that a few unvaccinated persons came in contact with some of these cases. In this way only will there be new cases.

Persons that have small pox get sick 14 days after exposure to the disease, and the eruption occurs four days later. Small pox is the easiest of all contagious diseases to control, as properly vaccinated people do not have it.

All unvaccinated persons must be vaccinated, and all those that come in contact with the small pox patients. People who have been vaccinated a number of years, and who mingle freely with the public, should be revaccinated. Do this and you can forget that small pox exists.

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