Remembering Dorchester, Dec. 12, 2018

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50 years ago

From Elsie McNamara’s column “The Rocking Chair” – I understand that Leon Fitzhugh, maintenance superintendent of the new county building, is responsible for placing the blue lights on the building. I think I have told you before, but I will tell you again, that the candles in the windows, and the outline of blue lights, presents a beautiful sight.

Tom Flowers, who has been in charge of Christmas decorations around the courthouse and Spring Valley for a number of years, placed the candles in the windows of the new county building.

* The winds have certainly been active during 1968. Many antennas all over the county have been blown all the way down, or bent over. During some of the storms, I have heard lids from the garbage cans rolling down the streets, and in a number of instances the cans have turned over and the contents dumped out.

So far, the snow has passed us by – and that’s good. There have been a few flakes that have fallen, and I will be just as happy if we don’t have a deep snow this winter.

100 years ago
* Already a large number of the men in the service are getting home, and in the course of a few week the number will very likely be largely increased.

Among those who are already home are Messrs. J. Richard Smith, Frank Robbins, Herbert Harper, Mace LeCompte, Charles Handley, Howard Weedon, William Murphy, Fred Sellers, Earl Fooks, Willard Bothym, Warrington Harris, George Holder, and a number of others whose names have ot been received at this office.

* Poor old Salisbury, if it is not one thing, it’s another; they simply must have something to worry about. Now they are complaining because the government has not advertised for bids for their Post Office Building, and because if they get a building like the one in Cambridge – a single story one – on account of their lot being in a low place, they are afraid it won’t be seen at all.

Some of their people claim that their Armory is in the wrong location, so all around, it seems as if they are hard to suit. They remind one very much of that fable about the frog.

* Cambridge City Council – A delegation representing the property owners on Academy street was before the Board, asking that the trees be taken down on said street, from Muir to Muse streets, in order to make the street about four feet wider.

The Board decided to fill in around the sea wall at the foot of Choptank avenue.

The chief of police was instructed to put down a cement crossing at the corner of Race and Washington Sts., across Washington street.

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