Remembering Dorchester June 6, 2018

From the pages of The Banner

100 years ago


C.P. Craig & Son – Buy W.S.S. and Thrift Stamps and help win the war – House Cleaning Requisites, moth balls and antiseptic solutions. Phone 117, Cambridge, 24 Poplar St.

Grand Opera House

Starting this week, the theatre will be open only Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the summer months, retaining only our very best features. For tonight, we present the beautiful star Vivian Martin, in the big special Paramount comedy-drama of love, thrills and comedy, “The Fair Barbarian.”

In the little, old-fashioned town of Showbridge, they thought of America and Americans only as the wildest and crudest of things. When Octavia arrived in England, she did all she could to keep up their belief and she certainly woke up the town. Be sure you see this picture, for you’ll enjoy every moment of this dandy play.

“The Mystery Ship” – This chapter of the big mystery serial is called the Night Riders, and is full of thrills and surprises. And all for the regular 5 and 10 cent prices. Our 20 big, breezy electric fans make this theatre much cooler than the street these hot nights.

50 years ago

From Elsie McNamara’s “The Rocking Chair”

Everywhere I went yesterday, people were talking about the same subject . . . the tragic shooting of Senator Robert Kennedy.

The death of President John F. Kennedy was rehashed, and people recalled the devotion that Sen. Kennedy had for his brother. And within a few years, a gun wielder shot down the late president’s brother.

Tuesday night, I listened to the primary reports from several states, and before I retired, I learned that Sen. Kennedy was out in the lead in the California primary. He had waged a vigorous campaign, and as I understand it, he had come out of his hotel room and was thanking people when the tragedy occurred.

It seems that respect for law and order have gone out the window, and until that is restored, I guess we can expect tragic things to happen. Law enforcement officials have been gunned down in their line of duty, bus drivers have been slain, and I could go on and on.

Even if laws are enforced by local officials, many times they are struck down by higher courts. As a result, there are times when officers hesitate to do their duty. I have heard over and over again people say they do not see why anyone wants to be a police officer today.

Whether you liked Sen. Kennedy or didn’t, he was exercising his right of free speech when he was struck down. There is something gravely wrong in this country, when a man is denied the protection of his basic rights.

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