Volunteer ‘keepers’ for 2019 season are sought

CAMBRIDGE — The Cambridge Lighthouse Foundation is looking to expand its roster of volunteer “keepers” at the Choptank River Lighthouse for the coming season. Keepers staff the Lighthouse on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between May and November.

Submitted to the Dorchester Banner/Cambridge Lighthouse Foundation
Choptank River Lighthouse “keeper” JoAnne Baker helps lead a brief training session for her fellow volunteers.

“Our volunteers serve as goodwill ambassadors not just for the Lighthouse, but for our whole community,” says Cassie Burton, the president of the board of the nonprofit foundation. The foundation’s mission is to promote the Lighthouse and enhance the exhibits and experiences offered to visitors, as well as to connect those visitors with other local businesses and attractions.

Lighthouse “keepers” are asked to take on just one shift per month during visitation season. During that shift, they are responsible for greeting visitors and talking with them about the stories behind the Lighthouse and how they speak to the rich maritime heritage of Dorchester County. Volunteers will be asked to attend a brief training session in April. They also have access to a guidebook of information available at the Lighthouse. Visitation at the Lighthouse has grown every year since it opened in 2012.

“One thing we’ve learned is that our Lighthouse visitors are eager to soak in all the contact they can get with local people like our volunteers,” Ms. Burton says. “They want to know about our culture and history, and they just love getting advice about where to go and what to do from the ‘insiders’ who live here in the county.”

Other volunteer opportunities are available with the Lighthouse foundation as well, adds Jim Duffy, the foundation’s executive director. Those tasks could involve contributing from home on marketing and administrative manners, or joining the teams that work on fundraising events.

To sign up or learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Lighthouse, contact Mr. Duffy at 410-463-2653 or email ChoptankLighthouse@gmail.com.

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