January Arts … Painting, Poetry, Performance

Suppose you went to the Louvre Museum in Paris because you wanted to see the Mona Lisa. There she is with her mystic smile , but when you read the painter’s name, it says “Andy Warhol.” Wha–aa-t?

Well something like that happened on this page last week when I omitted painter Will Dennehy’s entry. The people had spoken and selected his still life for “The People’s Choice Award.” The painting of the boat under a yellow sky was lovely, but today you get the Dennehy winner properly identified.

The Members’ Show is still open until the end of this week.
The Literary Arts are flourishing in the very active Writers’ Group that meets on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. although last week you might have confused it with a Comedy Club. The Waterman poetry of Sam Vannest celebrates the humor and exaggerations of Hal, a waterman. His mother Wendy Vannest draws the illustrations of a kind of Chesapeake character that Sam became familiar with when he worked on boats as a boy.
“Hal’s Memory #9”

Pete said he \
caught a rockfish
one time

so big
that he had to
scale it with a garden hose.

Said he took and shingled
his house
with them scales.

Made a chicken house with the skull
And built a picket fence
with the bones.

The New Performing Arts programs for children got a start this month with Ciara Meadows and a dozen youngsters who came out for the Hip Hop Line Dance class. Ciara, an assistant coach in Salisbury, is experienced and will be perfect for the dozen children who showed up for the first Saturday Class on Jan. 10. The lively young HipHop dancers will learn routines, and with four more scheduled sessions, they’ll be able to show them off by the last class.
Editor’s note: Good news for the Dorchester Center for the Arts — Barb Seese, DCA’s executive director, has recovered sufficiently and is eager to return. I have enjoyed reporting on the center and I thank all of you who read the column — Gloria Rojas.

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