Hurlock parade celebrates the season

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Cederick Turner of Hurlock United Methodist Church greeted the enthusiastic crowds during Saturday’s Hurlock Christmas Parade. See inside for more photos of the event, and on the Banner’s Facebook page for many others.

HURLOCK — Main Street sparkled with holiday cheer on Saturday, when the Hurlock Christmas Parade took place. Crowds of residents and visitors lined the streets to cheer as the procession marched down the street in honor of the season.
School bands, fire departments, pageant winners and more thrilled the folks who were bundled up against the chilly weather.

“We have around 100 entries,” Master of Ceremonies Shane Walker said as he welcomed the crowd. “A massive parade.”

Mr. Walker shared duties on the reviewing stand with Hurlock Council Member Earl Murphy, who said, “I’m glad to be back involved and helping with the parade.”

The event was well received by those who were there. Tracy Johnson helped organize the show, and shared her gratitude as she posted online, “The Town of Hurlock’s Christmas parade was such a great night. We had such a great turnout. I was honored to be a part of such a great event. I want to give a huge thank you to Shane Walker for his amazing ‘Shaneism’. Our judges Wayne A. Cole, Karen Bowers, Steve Disharoon, David Wilson, and J.C. Collins were incredible. My heart is full. I got back more then I gave. Watching the kids and the smiles, I’m truly thankful.”

A statement from the town government said, “What a great parade! Thank you to the parade committee for your hard work in putting this all together. Thank you to all the participants for bringing out the Christmas spirit. And thank you to everyone that came out to watch. We hope you have a merry Christmas!”

Chloë Hackett might have said it best when she wrote, “It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful, perfect night.”

Winners for the 2019
Hurlock Christmas Parade:

Church Group:

  1. 3 C’s Church
  2. Hurlock United Methodists

Marching Unit:

  1. Dorchester Sheriff’s Office

Fire Company:

  1. East New Market
  2. Eldorado Brookview

Police Department:

  1. Dorchester Sheriff’s Office
  2. Queen Anne’s County Sheriffs Office

Commercial Float:

  1. Dorchester Dumpin
  2. Murph’s Auto Body

Non-Commercial Float:

  1. Hurlock’s Lions Club
  2. Dorchester Trailblazer

Classic Car:

  1. Ken Briers and Sally Donner Ford truck
  2. Towmater

Antique tractor:

  1. Bill Towers #17
  2. Graham Andrews #15

Pageant winner:

  1. Miss Outdoors Jocelyn Myers
  2. Miss Cordova McKenzie Potter

School Band

  1. Mace’s Lane
  2. North Dorchester Middle

School Group:

  1. Hurlock Elementary
  2. Mace’s Lane Gentlemen’s Club

Judges’ Awards:
Preston Automotive Group
Dorchester Dumpin’
Tri Gas for antique truck
Gold wing Riders
North Dorchester High School

“Congratulations again to all winners,” a statement from organizers said. “Please contact Earl Murphy at 443-439-9091 to arrange time to pick up trophies.”