Garden Club’s Aug. 14 meeting, ‘Down the Garden Path’

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CAMBRIDGE — Dorchester Garden Club members gathered at the Cambridge Yacht Club for the Aug. 14 meeting, themed “Down the Garden Path.” Members were welcomed by hostesses Wanda Ciekot and Susie Middleton as they brought in their horticulture and design entries for the mini-flower show, which featured a lovely selection of late-summer horticulture from members’ gardens and outstanding design entries.

Judges for Division I Horticulture were Gloria Warner and Ellen Higgins and Division II Design were Wanda Ciekot and Patti Hopkins. Club member and Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland District I Director, Susie Middleton, served as Consultant.

Dorchester Garden Club President, Julia Berman, called the meeting to order and reports were given by committee chairmen. Guest attendees Sandy Lucas and Bev Waggoner were introduced and new member Evelyn Renkwitz was officially announced as an active member of the club.

The August program presentation “Music and Hostas” featured guest speaker, Susan Hedrick, president of the Potomac Hosta Club, founded in 1986 to promote the education and enjoyment of hostas in the DC, MD, VA and WV regions.

Ms. Hedrick shared her passion and expertise for growing this garden favorite.  Originally known as “Cemetery Plant” hostas became known as “Friendship Plant” because it is so easy to divide and share with others. There are currently over 7,000 registered hostas and another 2,000 whose names have not yet been registered! Ms. Hedrick’s presentation also included a great selection of hostas for club members to purchase for their home gardens.

Results of the Horticulture and Design Awards for the day were:

Division I – Horticulture
Class 1 Rosa (Roses)
1a. Miniature single: 1st Beverly Shelly, 2nd Jane Parks
1c. Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora: 1st Mary Jo Papin
1e. Shrub, Old Garden Rose: 1st Linda Easter, 2nd Clara Mae Stephens

Class 2 Conifers-One branch
2a. With Cones or Berries:  2nd Celi Dragich
2b. Without Cones or Berries: 2nd Mary Jo Papin, 3rd Beverly Shelly
Class 3 Broadleaf Evergreen Tree or Shrub-one branch
3a. Flowering: 2nd Martha Hoyer
3b. Foliage: 1st Beverly Shelly, 2nd Mary Jo Papin, 3rd Celi Dragich, HM Cookie Brohawn
3c. Fruited: 1st Cookie Brohawn

Class 4 Deciduous Tree or Shrub-one branch
4a. Flowering: 1st Bobbie Tamplin, 2nd Deana Kozak, 3rd Martha Keating, HM Ellen Rindfuss, Faye Phillips, Jennifer Rideout
4b Foliage: 1st Susie Middleton
4c. Fruited: 1st Lynne Davis, 2nd Jennifer Rideout

Class 5 Ilex (Holly)-one branch
5a. Foliage: 1st Jane Parks, 2nd Beverly Shelly, 3rd Mary Jo Papin
Class 6 Container Grown Plants
6a. Flowering: 1st Cookie Brohawn
6b. Foliage: 1st Cookie Brohawn, 2nd Beverly Shelly, 3rd Deana Kozak

Class 7 Open Class
7a1 Annual – Zinnias: 1st Wanda Ciekot, 2nd Susie Middleton, 3rd Beverly Shelly, HM Martha Keating
7a2 Annual – All Others: 1st Jennifer Rideout, 2nd Julia Berman, 3rd Cookie Brohawn, HM Celi Dragich, Jane Parks
7b. Perennial: 1st Cookie Brohawn, 2nd Ellen Rindfuss, 3rd Nancy Hastings, HM Mary Jo Papin, Bobbie Tamplin
7c. Biennial 3rd Annilly Jones
7d. Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber: 1st Susie Middleton, 2nd Beverly Shelly, 3rd Mary Jo Papin
7e. Vines: 1st Ellen Rindfuss

Class 8. Herbs
8a1. Same Cultivar – Salvia: 1st Mary Jo Papin, 2nd Susie Middleton, HM Martha Hoyer, Beverly Shelly, Ellen Rindfuss
8a2 Same Cultivar – All others: 1st Ellen Higgins, 2nd Cookie Brohawn, 3rd Jennifer Rideout
8b. Different cultivars: 1st Cookie Brohawn, 2nd Susie Middleton, 3rd Lynne Davis, HM Linda Easter, Ellen Rindfuss, Barbara Hubbard

Class 9 Five fruits or vegetables on a tray
1st Ellen Rindfuss, 2nd Cookie Brohawn, 3rd Susie Middleton

Division II-Design
Design Class 1 “Winding Paths” A Multi-Rhythmic Design
1st Patti Hopkins, 2nd Ellen Rindfuss, 3rd Wanda Ciekot
Design Class 2: “Water Well” An Underwater Design
1st Ellen Rindfuss, 2nd Patti Hopkins

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