Dog Show delivers on Fido Fun

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Dorchester Banner/Gloria Rojas Joe Habermann of Hooper’s Island and Cutest Dog Desdemona at the Fun Dog Show.

CAMBRIDGE — And the first place winner in the “Cutest Little Dog” category is Desdemona!
Early Saturday morning, Joe Habermann of Hoopers Island put his little dog in her motorcycle basket, climbed on, and the two vroom-vroomed their way to Sailwinds Park in Cambridge for the annual Fun Dog Show. Sponsored by Christ Episcopal Church, the program includes many categories, lots of winners,and not one loser. Every dog gets to strut his winning stuff, except for the ones that are carried.

There’s so much pride and affection awash at Sailwinds; no room for weepy losers. Joe Habermann and Desdemona are a contrasting pair. Joe projects a strong image and Desdemona is a dainty little doll, a 2 year old with the name of a Shakespearean heroine. Joe’s reply? “It’s a five dollar name for 50 cents worth of dog.” And what breed produces such a cute dog? “One side is Pomeranian and Pekinese, and the other parent is Maltese and Poodle. But she’s all biker, and gets excited when she knows she’s going for a ride.”

So many of the “show” dogs are rescue dogs, given a second chance at health and love. Phyllis Evans wins in the category of Two Dogs, entering her crippled Chihuahua, Cinnamon, and Tiny Dancer, the first adoptee of the rescued Pomeranians from the recent Wicomico puppy mill scandal. Tiny Dancer is named for her excited performance on grass when she was finally released. The duo won.

And then there’s Tripp, who walks around the ring unaware that he has three legs, “when popular prejudice runs in favor of four.” (paraphrasing Charles Dickens). He was accompanied by his companion Bruiser and his owner Angelia Tanner, who told me he runs and jumps like any dog his age. I personally award him the Red Badge of Courage. Another attendee just strolling through, Patti Glessner does not enter her dogs in any category. The sleek and slender group of Italian greyhounds are in a class of their own.

Finally, the category of Obedience had few entries, and Senator Addie Eckardt who did the announcing suggests that a few lessons this year may prepare dogs for that category next year. Even persons without dogs were winners, with raffles, door prizes, and a few hours of Saturday morning fun. Dogs have been described as melters of cynicism and sweeteners of bitter hearts, and the Fun Dog Show does its share!.

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