DGC holds first meeting of new program year

submitted to dorchester banner/ellen higgins Prospective new club member, Steve Heyneman was the winner of one of the raffled off designs.

submitted to dorchester banner/ellen higgins
Prospective new club member, Steve Heyneman was the winner of one of the raffled off designs.

CAMBRIDGE — The Cambridge Yacht Club was the scene of the Dorchester Garden Club’s April 13 meeting. The April meeting is always a favorite for the club and this year was no exception, with a near-capacity crowd of active members, associate members, guests and prospective new members. A stunning array of daffodils grown by club members, along with other horticultural entries graced the room as well as entries in two classes of Underwater Designs.

Judges for the mini-flower show Division I Horticulture were the mother/daughter team and accredited daffodil judges, Deana Kozak and Beverly Shelly … and Fran Collins and Patti Hopkins for Division II Design. National Garden Club Master Flower Show Judge and American Daffodil Society Judge, Faye Phillips, served as Consultant.

President Jeanne Bernard called the meeting to order and reports were given by club officers and committee chairpersons. Following a lovely spring lunch served by the Cambridge Yacht Club, Samantha McCall, the proprietor of Fleurish, a floral boutique that creates elegant, artistic and eco friendly floral designs, was the guest speaker. Her presentation/demonstration was titled “New Trends in Floral Arranging.”

Based on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Ms. McCall, an avid gardener herself, specializes in combining texture, color and unique plant materials in her designs and Dorchester Garden Club meeting attendees had the opportunity to watch and learn as she created one beautiful design after another. As a special treat for participants, these designs were raffled off at the conclusion of her presentation. Pictured is prospective new member, Steve Heyneman, who was one of the lucky winners.

Results of the Horticulture and Design Awards for the day were:

Division 1 – Horticulture
Class 1 – Standard Daffodils
a – Division 1 Trumpet: 1st Helen Davies, 2nd Jane Parks, 3rd Gloria Warner, HM Joan S Johnson
a – Division 1 Trumpet Subdivision 1: 1st Pat Beck
b – Division 2 Large cup: 1st Evelyn Renkwitz, 2nd Beverly Shelly, 34d Julia
c – Division 3 Small cup: 1st Karen Cartwright, 2nd Jane Brighton, 3rd Jane Brighton
d.1 – Division 4 Double. One bloom to a stem: 1st Cookie Brohawn, 2nd Helen Saum, 3rd Cookie Brohawn
d.1 – Division 4 Double Subdivision 1. One bloom to a stem: 1st Ellen Higgins, 2nd Gloria Warner, 3rd Jane Parks
d.2 – Division 4 Double. More than 1 bloom to a stem 1st David Adams, 2nd Jeanne Bernard
e – Division 5 Triandus: 1st Beverly Waggoner, 2nd Kay Karminski, 3rd Barbara Stockton
g – Division 7 Jonquilla and Apodanthus: 1st Patti Hopkins, 2nd Cookie Brohawn, 3rd Joan S. Johnson
h – Division 8 Tazetta: 1st Fran Collins, 2nd Kay Karminski
h – Division 8 Tazetta Subdivision 1: 1st Faye Phillips, 2nd Bobbie Tamplin, 3rd Jane Brighton, HM Wanda Ciekot
I – Division 9 Poeticus: 1st Susie Middleton
K -Division 11 Split Corona: 1st Nancy Johnson

Class 2 – Miniature Daffodils
c – Division 3 Small cup: 1st Jennie Rideout
e – Division 5 Triandrus: 1st Cookie Brohawn
g – Division 7 Jonquilla and Apodanthus: 1st Jeanne ernard
l – Division 12 Any other daffodil of garden origin: 1st Faye Phillips
Class 3 – Collection of 5 different cultivars of Daffodils in the same or different divisions
1st Susie Middleton, 2nd Susie Middleton, 3rd Jeanne Bernard

Class 4 – Conifers
a – With cones or berries: 1st Cookie Brohawn
b – Without cones or berries: 1st Joan P Johnson, 2nd Cookie Brohawn, 34d Beverly Shelly

Class 5 – Broadleaf Evergreen Tree or Shrub
a – Flowering: 1st Gloria Brake, 2nd Barbara Stockton, 3rd Kay Karminski
a – Flowering Subdivision 2: 1st Helen Saum, 2nd Susie Middleton, 3rd Susie Matthews
b – Foliage: 1st Barbara Stockton, 2nd Cookie Brohawn
c – Fruited: 1st Cookie Brohawn

Class 6 – Decidious Tree or Shrub
a – Flowering: 1st Beverly Shelly, 2nd Gloria Brake, 3rd Cookie Brohawn HM Barbara Stockton
b – Foliage: 1st Joan P Johnson

Class 7 – Ilex (Holly)
a – Foliage: 1st Joan P. Johnson, 2nd Beverly Shelly, 3rd Barbara Stockton
b – Fruited: 1st Joan P Johnson, 2nd Beverly Shelly, 3rd Diana Robbins

Class 8 – Open Class
b – Perennial: 1st Jeanne Bernard, 2nd Gloria Brake, 3rd Barbara Stockton, HM Helen Saum, Bobbie Tamplin
b – Perennial Subdivision 1: 1st Susie Middleton, 2nd Joan P Johnson, 3rd Gloria Warner, HM Pat Beck, Cheryl Willey, Susie Middleton
c – Biennial: 1st Joan P Johnson
d – Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber: 1st David Adams, 2nd David Adams, 3rd Cookie Brohawn, HM Helen Saum, Wanda Ciekot, Karen Cartwright, Cheryl Willey
d – Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber Subdivision 1: 1st Jane Parks, 2nd Joan P Johnson, 3rd Susie Middleton
Class 9 Group of 3 Perennials in one container
a – Same cultivar 1st Wanda Ciekot, 2nd Barbara Stockton

Division II – Design
Class 1 “A Rainbow Shines for Us” Underwater design using classic contrast of yellow and purple: 1st Kay Karminski, 2nd Judy Slaughter
Class 2 “April Showers” Underwater design using a harmony of reds and oranges: 2nd Barbara Stockton

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