Cambridge Woman’s Club 30th Annual Holiday Tour on Dec. 14

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CAMBRIDGE — The Cambridge Woman’s Club is busy preparing for its 30th Annual Holiday Tour. This year’s tour promises to feature an exciting group of homes with beautiful charm and splendid decorations. The homes will be open to visitors on Dec. 14, from 1:30 -4:30 p.m. This year, much to the club’s delight, St Paul’s United Methodist Church will hold a special music performance during the same hours. All guests are invited to attend and be inspired by music of the season.
Four homes will be included in this year’s outing, all located in the downtown Cambridge area. The Phillips and Butcher Families are located on Riverside Drive, the Hull Family on Hambrooks Blvd., and the White Family on Maryland Avenue will be graciously opening their homes for our enjoyment. This year promises to be both convenient and lovely.
As always, the Cambridge Woman’s Club will be serving delicious homemade cookies and wassail at the Sycamore College for all to enjoy. Tickets can be purchased for a $10 donation in advance of the tour date or for a $12 donation the day of the tour, at The Dorchester Center for the Arts (410) 228-7782). You may also see a Woman’s Club member or call JoAnn Ream at 410-228-0066. Please watch for more information about this special day over the next few weeks.
Marge Hull’s home
The home of Marge Hull is located only one block from the Choptank River. It is a typical 1960s rancher which has been lovingly maintained by Marge and her husband since 1990. The couple had previously been residents in Cambridge from 1955-1965 when they relocated here to be near their employment. They returned once again to the hurry and bustle of city life; however, they determined to return to Cambridge. In 1990 they were able to do so, and to their delight everything was just as they remembered.
Marge’s home is beautifully furnished with Victorian antiques and reproductions. Most of the furniture was expertly hand-fashioned by her husband from Bartley Classic Reproductions, the oldest manufacturer of authentic museum-quality reproduction furniture kits which feature custom milled wood so that priceless antiques can be reproduced at affordable prices. The cherry and various woods present a patina which glistens in the sunlight to rival the sparkle of precious cranberry and cobalt antique glass and other Victorian treasures.
Original drawings and paintings created, signed, and presented by Shirley Brannocks, a local artist, grace the walls throughout the home. The Brannocks family and the Hull family enjoyed a very close friendship, vacationing and entertaining, and especially boating. Shirley and Marge combined their mutual decorative skills, and Marge credits Shirley with many of the furnishings of the home.
Worthy of special inspection is a grandfather’s clock standing at the front entrance. The clock works are reported to have been built around 1700 by a clock smith who passed through town looking for employment. Later a cabinetmaker came through to complete the clock. This early American treasure is constructed incorporating 7 different types of wood.
Marge encourages visitors to appreciate the 2 bedrooms located off the hallway to the right. Her original childhood high chair at the end of the hallway was cut down to serve as a youth chair. You will discover that the master bedroom also contains more beautifully created Bartley kit furniture. From the hall pass through the kitchen to access a relaxing sunroom loaded with family memories and collections.
Years ago Marge’s mother lovingly created Christmas ornaments which have enchanted viewers for years probably far beyond her dreams. Today, as in times gone by, these are carefully suspended from evergreen boughs portraying joy and wonder of the season. Thank you Marge for sharing a heritage for all to experience at this Christmastime.

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