Artist Miriam Moran debuts at Liv Again in Cambridge

MD-Artist Miriam Moran at Liv Agin_artist_2x

Dorchester Banner/Gloria Rojas
Miriam Moran is the latest artist displaying in the upstairs gallery at Liv Again on High Street.

CAMBRIDGE — The new artist exhibiting her work in the downtown Gallery at Liv Again is a self-taught young woman who has been drawing and painting since she was a young child. Not that Miriam Moran is not young now, but she shoulders all the responsibilities of a mother of five, with her oldest child in a wheelchair after an automobile accident.

Miriam brings her life experience and her inspirations into her work. One example is a work of a window pane, behind which is the experience of the shaping pain she has endured. She also has a portrait of artist Frida Kahlo, honoring the woman whose reality was constant pain of injuries and the hardships of loneliness because of an automobile accident.

Miriam’s pencil sketch of Jennifer Lopez acknowledges the Puerto Rican heritage they share, but even more, the tenacity to pursue one’s individual art in the face of obstacles. Remember when Jennifer’s large behind was a reason for Joan Rivers’ scorn on the Red Carpet? Now the iconic rear is high style for some celebrities. Miriam admires the spirit even more than the success. She captures that spirit as she draws and quotes Mohammed Ali. She envisions “floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.”

Miriam wants her art to educate her children and other young people and her biggest work does not look to Hollywood or world-wide fame. Her large poster celebrates the life of Gloria Richardson, a Cambridge woman who was instrumental in the Civil Rights struggles and disturbances in the sixties. Miriam believes it is empowering to know the history of a woman like Gloria Richardson.

The exhibit will be up for two months and Miriam hopes some young people will get to see it and be motivated to delve into art themselves. She herself did her first learning about art from her father, who is a gifted artist, and later in life at the local library.

Liv Again is a retail business at 317 High Street, featuring an attractive furniture and decor showroom downstairs and welcoming young artists to exhibit their work in the gallery and lounge on the second floor. You can even catch live music on a weekend night. You get two for the price of none!

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