Alfred Liu exhibition opens at Liv Again

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A crowd of Cambridge well-wishers greet Alfred Liu at the opening night of his new exhibition at Liv Again in Cambridge. From left, U.S. Senate hopeful Kathy Szeliga, State Senator Addie Eckardt, Delegate Johnny Mautz, Ladda Walker of Alpha Genesis, artist/architect Dr. Alfred Liu, Jermaine Anderson and Adrian Holmes of Liv Again, Joe Manokey of Alpha Genesis, and Bilar Aziz.

CAMBRIDGE β€” The latest exhibition at Liv Again on High Street in this city features the work of Chinese artist Dr. Alfred Liu. When viewed, the room may seem to contain the works of two different people, but they are all the work of Alfred Liu, and all serve in a small way to illustrate the unique life that Alfred Liu has lived.

The west side wall of the upstairs gallery at Liv Again are all gauzy, dreamlike monochromatic illustrations of Chinese scenery, each painting complete with the requisite poem added to the picture. They are entrancing in their sensitivity and simplicity, and apparently quite old. As they should be, since Alfred Liu painted them all over 60 years ago.

The east side wall contains mostly breathtaking architectural illustrations of amazing buildings created by the same hands. It’s like left brain/right brain, and hard to believe the same person created the starkly different pieces, but true.

Mr. Liu started painting when he was 6-years-old, the son of a family with no history of artistic ability. He was able to carefully recreate bamboo and pine trees on rice paper at 8-years-old, and created a number of large paintings of great renown in his teens. His paintings have hung in the presence of Chiang Kai Shek and president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Even so, at the time the young Liu commented that art was just a hobby for him, and then he hoped to become an engineer after finishing school.

And so he did. He came to the U.S. to study, and finished his doctorate in physics at Columbia University in New York. By 1976 he had started his own company, AEPA, which he still serves as president. He is a long standing member of the American Institute of Architecture, and has performed architectural services for federal, county and city governments in the Washington DC area, as well as in India, Taiwan, Africa and the Far East.

He is also the chairman of the US-China Friendship Capital Cities, chairman of the National Republican Asian Assembly, chairman of the Global AIDS Foundation, founder of the Asian Commerce Association, and was nominated by President George Bush for the position of Board Director of the Institute of Building Science in Washington, DC. He is well known and respected in his field, and can tell an endless stream of stories.

The exhibition is open at Liv Again, 317 High St., from now until Aug. 10.

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