Governor and Cabinet help celebrate Legion opening

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper The new American Legion Post 91 building is complete and fully operational, after two years of construction after a fire in 2016.

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
The new American Legion Post 91 building is complete and fully operational, after two years of construction after a fire in 2016.

CAMBRIDGE – Governor Larry Hogan visited Cambridge on Tuesday, July 17, and helped the American Legion celebrate the opening of the new Legion Post 91 by hiring the public hall for a cabinet meeting that kicked off visits to more than 100 Shore locations by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and their cabinet members.
“It’s a pleasure to be here,” said Maryland Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford. “The new building looks great. I’ve driven by many a day seeing it under construction, and even before that after the fire. Its’ great to see the post reopened, and we’re honored to be having our cabinet meeting here, being the first public event to happen here.”
Originally, the American Legion Post 91 was located on High Street in Cambridge, until the building was destroyed by a fire in 1955. The Ensor Building, a Ford car dealership at the corner of Radiance Drive and Sunset Highway, was available and was purchased in November 1955. Renovations on the structure were made by contractor Charles E. Brohawn and Brothers, and the post opened in June 1956. Post 91 was in continuous operation at, since its opening, until a fire caused by a lightning strike in 2016 severely damaged the interior of the building and made it uninhabitable.
After more than two years of design and construction, the Post was opened and re-dedicated on Tuesday, July 17. In addition to Governor Hogan’s cabinet members, approximately 300 people turned out to honor the completion of the building.
When asked how it felt to see the new building finished and operational, Tom Anderson, commander of Post #91 said, “It feels great! In fact, I’m going to Disneyworld after this!” Pressed for details, Mr. Anderson stated that “We actually stayed within our budget. It was approximately 2.1 million to pay for the project, and we’re right where we need to be, all through donations. It’s great to see the governor here, and to get a chance to talk to him.”
The governor was pleased to be on the Shore for the day, and addressed the crowd with appreciation for American Legion Post 91 and veterans everywhere.
“The veterans have worn the flag of our nation on their arm,” said Governor Hogan, “these are people we really owe a debt of gratitude. Our administration has done everything we could to help our veterans and to serve our veterans’ needs, and we just want to thank them for their service to our country and their service to our community here. And we’re going to continue to do more. We also want to let the people from the shore here that they’re not going to be neglected or ignored, and we’re going to try to be here to help them in any way we can.”
“The future is very bright here, for the Legion,” said Commander Anderson. “We anticipate attracting some of the youth of the community to our membership rolls, and we’ve got a modern facility. We think the future is as bright as it’s ever been.”
There are three paths to membership in the Legion. Members are welcome as a veteran, as a son of the American Legion, and as part of the Unit 91 auxiliary. Unit 91 membership is available to spouses of veterans, and the Sons of the American Legion is open to non-serving sons and daughters of military veterans going back two generations. If your father did not serve, but your grandfather did, (or mother/grandmother) you are still eligible for American Legion membership. Membership in the Legion costs $35 annually.
Parties interested in joining the American Legion, and anyone interested in renting space for their event, should contact Commander Anderson and the Legion by calling 443-225-5457, or 443-521-7976; or just stop by the post and ask.

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