Fall Fest volunteer retires after 20 years

Dorchester Banner/Susan M. Bautz
Long-time Hurlock volunteer Maria Bona, center, is moving and the contributions she has made over the past 19 years to the town’s Fall Festival will be greatly missed. Wishing her well are: from right, town manager John Avery, council member Bonnie Franz, office clerk Bobbi Jo Bell, Maria, deputy clerk Teri Era, and councilman Earl Murphy.

HURLOCK — For over 19 years Hurlock resident Maria Bona contributed time and considerable talent to organizing vendors for the town’s annual Fall Festival. The job is, according to many, similar to herding cats.

The time has come for this dedicated volunteer to leave Hurlock and move to Monkton, on the Western Shore where she has relatives. She said, “Please tell the next person it’s not as hard as it’s made out to be.” Town manager John Avery responded, “So come back in October and we’ll let you do it. And…we’ll get you a motel room.” Maria added, “Everybody cooperated so it made my job easier.”

On May 23, Maria received a proclamation from Mayor Michael Henry and the Town Council to “honor and thank Maria Bona for volunteering as the Town of Hurlock Fall Festival Craft Vendor Coordinator for 20 years.” She did the job “without expectation of recognition for her efforts and always with concern for helping the vendors and maintaining calm and order.”

The proclamation read, “Today we recognize our dear friend and wish her well in her future endeavors… May her legacy of volunteering be an inspiration to us all to follow her example.”

May 23 was named “Maria Bona Day” in Hurlock with a reminder to “pay special tribute to this very special member of our community and join the Mayor and Council of Hurlock in thanking her for her dedication, devotion and unselfish service to the Hurlock Fall Festival.”

Councilman Earl Murphy added, “You’ve been so, so supportive of the Fall Fest and we wanted to show you how much we love you.”

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