Yoga with horses (and a donkey)

HURLOCK — Lots of people are practicing Yoga. But with horses? With a donkey? Angela Phillips Thomas recently taught Yoga in the barn at Windy Way Horses outside of Hurlock.

Angela co-owns Overboard Paddle and Fitness LLC and teaches fitness classes. Her son rides in one of the programs Windy Way owner Annie Trice offers.

Annie is always ready for anything to do with the equine set, especially if profits can go toward her passion – Courageous Hearts Horsemanship. This nonprofit uses horses for therapy and is funded by donations.

According to Annie, Angela “is a strong believer in what horses can do for healing and also the fun you can have with them.

The class was a huge hit. Everyone loved it so we are going to have more and when the weather cooperates we can have them out in the pasture with the horses, too, so I hope it will be an on-going thing!”

It is pretty obvious that Duncan the donkey loved the class as well.

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