Walters presents Dr. Newmier with award

Submitted photo/Cynthia Adams-McGrath
David Walters thanked his physician, Dr. Eugene Newmier recently, giving him an award for his years of good care.

CAMBRIDGE — David Walters of Cambridge gave his doctor an unexpected gift while he having his regular check up Aug. 11. Mr. Walters has cerebral palsy, a condition which is defined by marked impaired muscle coordination.

He has been a patient of Dr. Eugene Newmier for 12 years, during which time they have developed a caring relationship. In 2012, Mr. Walters had a life-threatening full-leg blood clot, which Dr Newmier quickly diagnosed and started treatment immediately.

“David and his dad and I were extremely grateful for this as the outcome could have been very different,” his mother Cynthia Adams-McGrath said.

The award Mr. Walters to Dr. Newmier says:
“Presented to Dr. Eugene Newmier
“For your dedication and meritorious service during my 2012 blood clot and the Pandemic of 2020.”

Aug. 11 was Dr. Newmier’s 25th year as a physician in Cambridge. Mr. Walters said he wanted an account of the presentation to appear in the Dorchester Banner, because everyone should know what a kind and understanding physician Dr. Newmier is.