Eisemann, Feather are Health Care Heroes

Submitted photo/Shore Health
Steve Eisemann and Lyndsey Feather have been named Health Care Heroes.

EASTON — UM Shore Regional Health Respiratory Therapy team members Director Steve Eisemann and Manager Lyndsey Feather were recognized with other members of their department as Health Care Heroes last week for their success in adapting telemedicine to the respiratory care of COVID-19 patients.

Eisemann and Feather were acutely aware of the need to preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) by minimizing the staff footprint in the rooms of COVID-positive patients and patients under investigation for possible infection. They also recognized the very real possibility of a surge in acutely ill COVID patients – including those needing to be placed on ventilators – that would precipitate a higher demand for respiratory therapists.

The team created a program through which Shore respiratory therapists (RT’s) could consult via videoconference with staff working with COVID-positive patients.
Videoconferencing technology supporting this project was set up in the respiratory care departments of UM Shore Medical Centers at Chestertown, Dorchester and Easton, enabling them to share the skill and expertise of their department with nursing team members. In an emergency, respiratory therapists are able to enter the room promptly.

Following training and development of procedures and policies, the team realized the program was working well to reduce respiratory care staff shortages while also reducing use of PPE on COVID units.
”Steve and I feel confident that this application of telemedicine will enable us to keep providing safe and effective respiratory care to every patient who needs it, even in the event of a surge in COVID-19 patients,” Feather says.

“Way to go, Steve, Lyndsey and team!” a statement from Shore Health said.
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