Aging simulation class is offered

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Nursing students took part in an aging simulation, featuring restrictive glasses and gloves.

CAMBRIDGE — As a community service, AHEC and the ESHC Auxiliary are offering a session of ASST training on Jan. 22, from 9-11 a.m. and “Ethics for Social Workers” from 11 a.m.-noon at the Eastern Shore Hospital Center, 5262 Woods Road in Cambridge.

ASST is based on the success of the GAIT (Geriatric Assessment Interdisciplinary Team) model. The ASST program is a hands-on workshop utilizing props, individual and group activities, and discussions to promote understanding, empathy, and sensitivity to the sensory losses of the elderly.

All organizations can benefit from the two-hour Aging Simulation Sensitivity Training (ASST). “We make it possible for employees and anyone else who interacts with the public to experience the daily challenges facing many aging or impaired individuals. The increased understanding, empathy, and sensitivity to the aging process that results from this training translate into an environment that welcomes older adults,” said Judith Slaughter, ASST coordinator.

Program Activities
• “A Walk in The Shoes” ASST Training Manual/Resource Guide is used to explain and describe normal sensory changes that occur with aging, strategies for assisting and communicating with older adults and more.

• Interactive exercises that utilize props such as ear plugs, cotton tipped vinyl gloves and special eye-glasses which simulate changes in hearing, tactile abilities, and UMES PT correcting medical bills. vision common in senior’s ability to perform activities of daily living.

• Group discussions that promote understanding, empathy, and sensitivity to the need for elder friendly responses when communicating with older people.

ASST training has proven to be effective in teaching participants to experience the effect of sensory losses that are common to the process of aging. It has been successful in helping people to identify their own personal attitudes toward the elderly.

Please contact Erica Tracy at -410-221-2600 to register for the 1/22/20 workshop. Please contact Judith Slaughter, ASST coordinator at 410- 221-2358 to explore bringing an ASST session to your workplace.