Rotary Club of Cambridge completes annual dictionary presentations

DORCHESTER — Roughly 500 Dorchester County 3rd graders have a “New” book of their own. Members of the Rotary Club of Cambridge have continued a program they began during the school year 2003-04. The Club, under the Presidency of Roger Harrell, visited every 3rd grader in the public school system and presented them with their own dictionary.

During the presentation, Rotarians talk about who Rotary is and some of the ways Rotary helps their community; as well as, the global community. They, also, stress how important it is to give back and that everyone has something to give, even if only time.

The Dictionaries Rotary gives, to the 3rd graders, are more than just words and definitions. They include facts about all the US Presidents, all the States, the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and facts about other countries in the world, and much, much more. The books are more than information, for many of the students, it is the only book they can call their own.

Since the Rotary Club of Cambridge began presenting the dictionaries approximately 7,000 Dorchester students have been given the gift of literacy. When asked, several high school students have said they remember getting the dictionary, know where it is and even, at times, use it to look up information.

This year Rotarians participating in the delivery included Chairperson Jodi Garvin, Judy Prahl, Tom Bradley, Phil Reed, Trevor Carouge, Susan Todd, Bill Christopher, Amy Craig, Jay Harrington, Nancy Potter, Hubert Wright, Gerry Boyle, Betsey Malkus, Allen Nelson and David Cannon.

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